KH3 Ultimania: Interview with Asako Suga (Dialogue Editor)

DISCLAIMER: This is only a tentative translation. It is possible there are mistakes.

Previously worked on: All of the KH series, FFVII Advent Children, Crisis Core: FFVII, Dissidia FF NT, World of FF

Q: In which order did you do the voice recording?
A: It's normal to do recording in accordance with the progression of the story, but in the case of the KH series, it's already decided that first the stories for each world are recorded, and then the main story after that, so that's the order we went in.

Q: Was it difficult to work on the international version at the same time?
A: Up until now, we always completely recorded the Japanese voices first, and then translated them into English and recorded [again], so we had plenty of time to prepare, but this time around we did both simultaneously, so it was a race against time. With the cooperation of the localization team and Disney, even when we had no time, we had to make preparations for higher quality than ever before, which was tough.

Q: How big was the total amount of dubbing?
A: There was really a lot, so I don't think I can even begin to count [laughs]. I'm sure of the fact that it was the most in the series.

Q: Please tell us which line you particularly like.
A: At the Haunted Mansion in Twilight Town, I like Ansem's "no, no, no!" when he's responding to Pence. Since it's a line that is unlike how Ansem has been so far, when we were recording it in the studio everyone burst out laughing. I listened to it again many times during production, but every time I recalled that time I laughed.

Q: Which point in this production do you want us to hear?
A: The ad-libbing, so much of which was put in that it surpasses the originally intended lines. There are a lot of short lines, but in situations like Olaf's ribbing of Donald, or the last scene in San Fransokyo, there are some ad-libbed lines by the voice actors that were used as actual lines. There are a lot of interesting voices all piled in together, so I'd like you to enjoy listening to even small parts.

BONUS! "A secret about the game only you know"
In the first scene in The Caribbean where Sora is singing by himself, during recording, the song wasn't finished yet, so for some reason the melody became "Hi-Ho" (note: from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs). It was so funny that we kept it [in the archives].....but, as I pray for the day I can show it to you all, it's being carefully stored.

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