KH3 Ultimania: Interview with Kazuki Oono (Level Director)

DISCLAIMER: This is only a tentative translation. It is possible that there are mistakes.

Previously worked on: KH CoM, KH 2.8, The World Ends With You

Q: Please tell us the concept for the various worlds.
A: It was things like "a toy store where you could board robots" for Toy Box, or "a place where you can make use of the land, sea, and sky" for The Caribbean. Additionally, we placed great importance on thinking about how the content from the original movies or the locations in the worlds fit together.

Q: Could you tell us the details about how the Flantastic Seven were born?
A: The start was because there was a suggested plan to have special enemies. When we thought "how about putting the Mushroom XIII from KH2 in this time?", just as Organization XIII became Mushroom XIII, the point to notice is that the Seven Princesses became the Flantastic Seven [in the same way].

Q: What point did you fuss over the most?
A: The connection to the Disney characters. We shoved in elements like having them react to things on the map or giving you hints about ingredients or Lucky Emblems, and tried to give you the feeling that they are really together on your adventure with you.

Q: What parts of this production do you especially want us to see?
A: The phantom Soras you collect in The Final World are moving in ways that suggest all of the different situations that Sora has encountered so far on his journey. I think it might be interesting to try and think about what each phantom is doing.

Q: Please tell us something you won't forget about the development process.
A: During the last few months of the final stages of development, we were tasked with incorporating the Flantastic Seven, and regarding one plan in particular that I wasn't able to incorporate, I arranged with Yasue (note: Tai Yasue, the co-director) over e-mail while he was attending an event overseas. While I was somehow putting everything together, Yasue-san was saying things like "we're making more and more mini-games!" on stage at the Tokyo Game Show, so when I heard that at the venue I screamed internally "No no no no no, we're just barely scraping by with just this, you know?!" [laughs].

BONUS! "A secret about the game only you know"
When you're riding the Gigas in Toy Box, when you land on the ground from the air, for just a moment upon landing you won't be able to move, but if you use the booster just before landing, that won't happen and you can start moving again quickly.

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