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6th Mar 2019 from TwitLonger

Looking for new opportunities as CLG RED and I part ways.

TLDR: Looking for new opportunities as CLG RED and I part ways.

The last year on CLG has been full of ups and downs and really taught me a lot about myself as a competitor but as well as a person. My goal joining back the team was clear: I wanted to compete again with the girls and build my brand with the CLG organization. Fate chose differently as we became a 6 man roster very soon after I was announced. For most of the year, I was left aside and watched the girls play, for better or for worse.

Being a 6th is a very interesting challenge because the line is so thin between trying to help the team or wanting it to struggle so you can play instead. I was holding on this hope and I didn’t know if my time would come. It was a very weird position to be in, one I didn’t like at all, so I decided to help them succeed instead of just waiting. And the more we worked together to make CLG RED a better competitive team, the more it became obvious that the team was growing closer, healthier and that I was hurting my chance to be on the starting 5 by investing my time into it. But, I still decided to help them as much as I could, at least up until Katowice. I became a beacon they could all rely on ingame and outside the game.

Overall, although it wasn’t perfect, I take the experience and learned from it: I was able to develop new skills and I’m glad I could take on this journey with the girls and the org. I like to think I had a small impact on the team’s recent results, but CLG and I have decided that the best way forward is for me to move on and seek out new opportunities.

What is in store for me in the future? Hopefully to partner with a new team that I not only compete with but also become an influential brand ambassador for. My number one goal is to compete as I believe I am still someone to be feared in a server. I have so much to bring to a team as a leader, a player and a brand. I am currently getting ready to play in China next week for WESG with our team Canada and couldn’t be happier with our roster. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be meeting with orgs, reviewing my options and will find a new home.

Thank you to everyone that keeps on supporting me and thanks to the girls/clg for everything you’ve done.

So long, harvey.

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