KH3 Ultimania: Secret Report 1-13 + Full Commentary and Annotations

DISCLAIMER: This is only a tentative review. It is possible there are mistakes. I tried to explain the parts even I found confusing.

Notes: I translated some of the commentary when I first got my copy of the Ultimania, but there are complete translations here.
The secret reports that appear in the English version of KH3 are, more or less, just another variation of the translations I did. Meaning-wise, they are almost exactly the same.

Secret Reports

Am I alive?
When I awoke, I found myself in a cell.
Afterwards, the researchers attempted to learn just who I am.
Who am I...?
What I can remember is four friends, a key...
I, who have no name, became known as "X". (note: the writer of this report refers to themselves as 名もなき私 – a similar pattern to Nameless Star)
The only joy I've had since coming here is conversing with the two boys who come sometimes.
Then, one day, someone came to take me out of the cell.
In the dim light, I saw that the man was one-eyed.
Though several years have passed, still now, I know not who I am.
May my heart be my guiding key—
Author Unknown

Ultimania Commentary: The writer is a girl known as "Subject X", who was being used as a test subject in Ansem the Wise's castle. She is the same girl being sought after by Ansem SOD, as well as the girl Axel and Saix spoke of.
- "Four friends, a key...": The wording insinuates a deep relationship between four friends and a "key", the Keyblade. The saying "May my heart be my guiding key" is connected in that it implies she is someone who came from the ancient past.
- "The two boys who come sometimes": Lea and Isa, who lived in Radiant Garden. In order to see her, they slipped into the castle (see Report #6).
- "I saw that the man was one-eyed": If we're speaking about one-eyed men who were in Ansem the Wise's castle, Braig (as Xigbar was known during his human days) springs to the forefront of your mind. He became one-eyed during the events of KH BbS, and was around during the same time Lea and Isa were sneaking into the castle.

Mark of Mastery Exam Log—
Some days have passed since I set out on my journey to visit faraway worlds for the Mark of Mastery Exam.
I had hoped for Eraqus to come along with me, but I was to go first.
It is a journey to the worlds of fairytales that I had seen in books.
I, who had been raised in a world surrounded by water, and dreaming of the outside world until just a few years ago, set out from my home, guided from the future.
And on my journey towards Master, I came into contact with several darknesses.
Ever since those days, I thought that if darkness was able to be controlled, it needn't be feared.
Eraqus, who carries within him the blood of Masters from the age of fairytales.
I don't want to be someone who chases after his silhouette, but instead stands shoulder to shoulder with him as an equal.
In order to face him (note: the kanji here is "oppose" or "antagonize"), I will need the power that is discovered from the balance of light and darkness.

Ultimania Commentary: This is a report the young Xehanort wrote before becoming a Keyblade Master. It shows that while he was forming the ideology around things like "if darkness was able to be controlled, it needn't be feared" and "I will need the power that is discovered from the balance of light and darkness", he also showed the purehearted desire to mutually improve together with his best friend, Eraqus.
- "Eraqus, who carries within him the blood of Masters from the age of fairytales": It is revealed that Master Eraqus is descended from the first Masters. Furthermore, according to director Tetsuya Nomura, these "first Masters" are people in the Dandelions who appear in KH Union Cross, and aren't related to the Master of Masters or Foretellers who appear in Back Cover.

Memo 1 regarding the heart experiments on Subject X—
Female, around 15 years old. Found early in the morning in the central plaza.
After 7 days, she was able to speak, but is amnesiac and cannot remember her own name.
Seems concerned about which world this is.
Her words seem to indicate she had friends with her.
Though she cannot remember her companions' names, it seems she was separated from them in her previous world.
Shows a rejection response when attempting to recall those memories.
Experiments of the heart.
After the first experiments that were done when my master, Ansem the Wise, brought me, who had lost my memories, in as an apprentice, he came to fear something and the experiments were ceased.
However, would those experiments not be effective on this girl, who, like me, has lost her memories?
Depending on the investigation into the heart, it's possible to touch those memories.
Using myself as the test subject, I will get those memories back.
Learning just who this girl is, and where she has come from, is deeply fascinating.
"May my heart be my guiding key" what I'm sure she muttered.
- Xehanort

Ultimania Commentary: Like Report #2, this was written by Xehanort, but Reports 3 and 4 were written during his time as an apprentice. His investigations of Subject X are written here.

Memo 2 regarding the heart experiments on Subject X—
As before, her memories do not return, and our conversations continue with no indication that they ever will.
Her stories sound almost like a world of fairytales.
Though it's difficult to imagine so, just from the fragments I get from her speech, it's possible she has traveled through time.
If this is true, the urge to peek into her heart is uncontrollable.
During initial testing, there were several candidates on whom tests were performed, but all of their minds became unstable and collapsed.
There is a chance the girl could be a special test subject.
In the midst of everything, my master, who had repeatedly performed tests on several subjects, stopped his research, tore up the results and harshly berated me.
Not only that, but upon the release of many subjects, the girl also disappeared.
Where is Subject X?
Is my master hiding her?
However, I will not cease these experiments.
With myself as the first subject, I will begin the true experiment.
- Xehanort

Ultimania Commentary: The second part of the observation reports apprentice Xehanort wrote on Subject X. He is told [by her] that it seems she has traveled through time from the age of fairytales.
- "All of their minds became unstable and collapsed": This shows the reality of what happened when Xehanort continued his human experimentation and created many sacrifices out of the test subjects. The cruelty of his actions are also written about, partially, in the secret reports of KH1.
- "Is my master hiding her?": This is ultimately the way Xehanort interpreted the situation, and Ansem SOD later asked Ansem the Wise [about it] with this as the basis. Actually, as is written in Secret Report #1, Braig is the one who took Subject X away.

Memoirs 1—
To us, as children, that castle was fascinating.
Inside, Ansem the Wise performed various experiments, and under his blessing the people lived in peace.
Just that was enough to drive our curiosity, but beyond those closed-off walls, dark rumors existed.
Night after night, the sound of what seemed like peoples' moans could be heard.
Dangerous human experimentation was being done.
Together with my best friend Lea, we hatched a plan to investigate and sate our curiosity.
First was slipping past the brawny gate guards, who, from their appearances, you would never guess were also researchers.
Sure enough, we were quickly found, and the days we spent getting thrown out of the castle continued.
Finally, on the day we managed to infiltrate, at the bottom of a spiral staircase deep within the heart of the castle, we found rows of cells stretching on into the darkness.
Without even knowing if anyone was in those cells, and unable to call out to anyone, we definitely felt someone's presence and regretted having snuck in.
Just as we were about to turn and leave, however, we felt that a tiny voice called out to us.
Following that terrified voice, we found a girl, her faintly shining light glowing.
- Saix

Ultimania Commentary: Saix's memoirs about his boyhood days as Isa. You can read about how, to satisfy their curiosity, Isa and Lea snuck into the research castle and met a mystery girl (Subject X).
- "The brawny gate guards": This is talking about Dilan and Aeleus, whose jobs were to keep watch. During the ending of KH BbS, you can see them throwing Isa and Lea out of the castle after finding them there.

Memoirs 2—
The light was dim, so we couldn't clearly make out the girl's features.
Concealing our voices, we tried speaking with her, but she had lost her memories.
Why was she locked up in this place?
Even that, she didn't know.
Even so, I thought that I wanted to save her.
From that point on, our attempts to sneak in and the times we were thrown out grew more frequent, and at times we succeeded and spoke to the girl.
As we were yet children, that was about all we could do to help her.
As this continued, Lea and I decided that we were going to rescue her.
With the single-minded intent of saving her, we snuck into the castle.
However, though we snuck in over and over, we never saw that girl again.
Was she just an illusion?
Lea and I launched a mission to search for her.
Today we stand before the castle guards, with the intent of becoming Ansem the Wise's apprentices.
- Saix

Ultimania Commentary: The second part of Saix's memoirs talking about his exchanges with Subject X. It is revealed that Isa and Lea joined Ansem the Wise's ranks of apprentices in order to search for Subject X.
- "With the single-minded intent of saving her": Though Saix gives a fairly cold impression, when he was young he had a passionate side that he acted on as well. He thought that joining Xemnas's side would give him a shortcut to saving Subject X.

Findings on the regeneration of people according to the Replica Project—
Perhaps due to the great damage as a result of being erased as a member of Organization XIII, I did not regain consciousness right away.
Even when I did wake, I remained lying on the floor a while, thinking about what I should do.
The "Replica Project".
During my time with Organization XIII, I readied 20 replicas.
Initially, there were many failures not even deserving of a "No." title, but from the batch, the first success, Replica Riku, was born.
With the creation of No.i, Xion, a mostly humanlike state was achieved, but her appearance was unstable and changed based on her relationship with those who interacted with her.
Using those two as the base, I created a number of incredibly lifelike replicas, but just before their completion, my work was interrupted.
My guess is that Xehanort is using both the initial batch and those that came after.
Today, I went out for a walk to the plaza for the first time in a while, but "he" appeared to make an unexpected proposal.
Though quite a bit younger than I, he is a man who serves as Xemnas's advisor (note: the word used here is "staff officer" or "military staff").
I accepted that proposal and became a Nobody once more.
It will be convenient to use the Replica Project of the past.
All is for the sake of atonement.
- Vexen

Ultimania Commentary: A report written after the recompleted Even (Vexen) became a Nobody once more. Pay close attention to the details of his greatly important research, the Replica Project. Additionally, it is written that Xemnas's advisor—Saix—offered Vexen the proposal for the sake of atonement.
- "The great damage as a result of being erased as a member of Organization XIII": This is talking about the part in KH CoM where Axel uses his flames to burn and destroy Vexen. When a Nobody is defeated by an attack, their recompleted body suffers the damage.

The structure of the Real Organization XIII—
The Real Organization XIII is the name generally being used for Xehanort himself and his 12 vessels.
As the numbers needed for the plan are already sufficient, Demyx and I have been sidelined.
There are a few others from the old Organization headed by Xemnas who, like me, chose to become Nobodies again after their recompletion as humans, but Xemnas himself is ever an exception.
At present, the real Xehanort, who is an old man, leads the Real Organization XIII.
As he is a human, his Heartless and Nobody, who were defeated in the past, as well as the youngest Xehanort, do not truly exist in this time.
They make use of the prototypes I once created as vessels, with their hearts being torn from the moments they existed in the past.
Xehanort has ordered me to improve these prototypes so that they achieve a more humanlike state.
This is also a good opportunity for my atonement, by completing replicas that will be the vessels for flesh and blood humans.
I will have to think of how to give those vessels to "them" afterwards.
- Vexen

Ultimania Commentary: The contents of Vexen's observations on the structure of the Real Organization XIII. The ones who "do not truly exist in this time" are called as such because their bodies are Replicas, and their hearts were called from the past.
- "Replicas that will be the vessels for flesh and blood humans": This is talking about the progression of Vexen's research, but also one of the aims he entrusts to Sora and friends. In the story, with the help of Demyx, the vessel that is brought before Ienzo is used for Roxas.

Regarding the analysis of Ansem the Wise's data 1—
This is my conclusion after having seen all of the data that my master entrusted to Riku.
Within Sora's heart are three boxes, each storing three respective hearts.
The first is Roxas. The second, from around the same time as Roxas.
The third is from a time before.
Those three hearts are silently melded into Sora's.
Potentially removing those hearts, physically speaking, poses a danger similar to when Sora once became a Heartless.
First, the heart must be placed into a vessel to store it, and then that vessel must be awakened.
The best method would be retrieving the bodies of those people to use as vessels, but the case of the others is unclear, and Roxas has no human body.
Namine, who is likely contained within Kairi's heart, is the same.
As long as there is a body, all that is needed is some catalyst to return the hearts from Sora into the bodies.
The catalyst is the person who ties all of their hearts together.
As turning a heart completely into a data is impossible, the hearts can only be restored in pieces.
Although the the real hearts inside Sora are necessary, their memories can be completely reconstructed using the data Twilight Town.
For Roxas and Namine, who have no physical bodies, this data is of great importance.
- Ienzo

Ultimania Commentary: A report written by Ienzo while analyzing the Ansem Code. He writes about the three hearts inside Sora's, and the way to potentially safely restore them.
- "The first is Roxas. The second, from around the same time as Roxas. The third is from a time before.": Roxas, one from around the same time as him, which is Xion, and the third from before Roxas, which is Ventus. By the way, there is only a seven-day gap between when Xion's heart returns to Sora and when Roxas's heart does.

Regarding the analysis of Ansem the Wise's data 2—
Replicas can be thought of as replacements for bodies.
Their data can be pulled from the data of Twilight Town and placed into these empty vessels.
From their memories, the vessels will take their shape, changing into something very close to a human body.
The final key is the sleeping hearts inside of Sora.
For their bodies to be born, as long as there is a catalyst to shake them from sleep, it's likely their hearts will return to their own bodies.
Replicas...they are innovative ways to serve as someone's vessel, but they weren't supposed to have been completed yet.
What's more, Even, who plays a crucial role, has gone missing.
If we're supposing Roxas, Namine, and the other remaining person will have bodies, at the very least three replicas will have to be prepared.
Either way, it's a difficult problem, but analyzing my master's data like this reminds me of the taste of the ice cream we always used to eat together when I was a child.
Instead of regretting my betrayal, I must work towards restoring those two [Roxas and Namine], and proving my master's true intentions.
- Ienzo

Ultimania Commentary: Writings about the plan to use Replicas to revive Roxas and Namine. It is a plan that would make a complete Roxas by using the data from Twilight Town, and then taking Roxas's heart from Sora's.
- "...reminds me of the taste of the ice cream we always used to eat together when I was a child": Ansem the Wise's favorite, sea-salt ice cream, was also often eaten by Ienzo when he was very young. You can see the both of them walking and eating ice cream together in KH BbS's secret event "Blank Points".

Observation Log—
As is written on the Lost Page, I have seen the Keyblade War through.
Next is to pass down the Keyblade entrusted to me by the Master.
Of the Dandelions left alive, five have been chosen as the Union Leaders.
I will hand down the Keyblade to one of them, and watch over this fate.
However, it seems someone has secretly infiltrated the chosen Union Leaders.
An exception who wasn't chosen by the Master.
A virus who seeks to sneak into the program written by the Master, as it were.
This virus has begun their strange machinations.
They plan a reckless escape of the Five to another worldline.
Is such a thing possible?
It's the same as the plan that moved the Dandelions to another worldline after the Keyblade War,
but I doubt the boy and the others, who are not even masters, can pull it off.
It seems that a witch invited here [purposely] from the future holds the key.
Regarding the Union Leaders, I had thought there would be a much simpler plan, but is this, too, the doing of the Master?
- Unknown

Ultimania Commentary: Reports 11-13 are written by Luxu, one of the Master of Masters' apprentices who appears in Back Cover. They are fully loaded with information that has a deep connection to what's coming next in the KH series.
- "As is written on the Lost Page, I have seen the Keyblade War through": The Lost Page is a page that was intentionally left out of the Book of Prophecies, whose contents extremely few people know.
- "It seems someone has secretly infiltrated the chosen Union Leaders": The five Union Leaders in KH Union Cross are Ephemer, Skuld, Ventus, Brain, and Lauriam. However, Ava, acting under orders from the Master of Masters, was supposed to have chosen a girl named Strelitzia. Whoever took her place is currently unknown.
- "A witch invited here from the future holds the key": The "witch" is Maleficent. In KH1, when her heart is released by Ansem, she realizes the conditions for time travel she heard from Master Xehanort some time in the past and travels to the ancient past.

Observation Log 2—
Even if there is a worldline without a Keyblade War, it isn't as if there is peace.
After the disappearance of the Master and we apprentices, "darkness" appeared.
With the rise of darkness, the end of the world is again approaching.
Amid this confusion, as the Master instructed, I passed down the Keyblade to one of the Union Leaders.
Along with this sacrifice, the Five have been sent to another worldline.
With this, I imagine the lineage of Keyblade wielders will be preserved.
I, who have lost my Keyblade, must also depart this land in order to fulfill my final role.
I will discard my body and place my heart into another vessel.
And I will watch over the ages, proceed to the next era, and someday in the coming ages, perhaps in the separate worldline where the Five were sent, some several years, some dozens of years, or some hundreds of years later, I will meet them again.
Somewhere in the history of the passing down of the Keyblade, a "chosen one" who will reenact the Keyblade War will appear.
When this chosen one takes the "Goat of Atonement" Keyblade in hand, I will once again act to fulfill my final role.
The Lost Masters will awaken.
- Unknown

Ultimania Commentary: It is written that the five Union Leaders are sent to another worldline, as even the worldline without the Keyblade War will meet its end. Luxu, at this point, discards his original body.
- "I passed down the Keyblade to one of the Union Leaders": The Keyblade Luxu had was entrusted to him by the Master of Masters, and is considered the oldest Keyblade. In the text it is called the "Goat of Atonement" and was passed down through the ages until it was given to Master Xehanort.

Observation Log 3—
It seems that this body and name will be my last.
If I, who have seen many bodies and names, were to have another chance, I must regrettably give up here. (note: this line was really hard to translate since it almost doesn't make sense; it's almost like two sentences got smashed into one. In the English game it says "I must focus on what's most important" or something along those lines, but in JP the emphasis is on the fact that he has to part with something he doesn't want to.)
The Keyblade has been handed down through generations, one by one, and at last it seems a Keyblade Master devoted to darkness will be born.
Until now I have watched the Keyblade from far away, but it seems I must now take to the stage.
All I have to do is pretend to be a fool who wishes for the power of the Keyblade [from up close].
As his accomplice, I will be at his side and watch over my Keyblade.
The Gazing Eye.
The Keyblade entrusted to me by the Master of Masters.
The Keyblade that was created with the Master's eye that links to the future, and through that eye, the Master can see the future.
To change my body and watch over this Keyblade through the ages is also my role.
It has been a long time. It has been an unimaginably long road.
At last, in this era, the Keyblade War will wage, and Kingdom Hearts will be opened.
A true Kingdom Hearts, born from the clash between light and dark.
The reunion with those I once called my friends is near.
Thereby, my role will be realized.
And he will return...
- Unknown

Ultimania Commentary: A report written by Luxu, as Braig, when he realized that, after witnessing Master Xehanort's rise, the Keyblade War would happen again. It's confirmed once again that the Master of Masters can see the future through the Keyblade he passed to Luxu.
- "All I have to do is pretend to be a fool who wishes for the power of the Keyblade": You can see the moment Braig and Master Xehanort come into contact in KH BbS.

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