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Alright so the past few weeks have been absolutely a nightmare for myself and my team. I do not know where to start so I am just going to go to the beginning.

Introducing 2 people, the owners of Team Odd. Mahoney and Smith, now when I came onto the squad known as playmakers I was told that they were not paid by the playmakers organization because it was a player owned org and their prize winnings was their only payment, and that is fine! That is how most things get started for players in this skill bracket so I wanted to help them get into something and get paid for the great work they do in South America. So I began putting my team out there and reaching out to organizations and seeing what I can get my team and what I can accomplish with what I had. In comes a guy named Smith.

Smith approached me via discord and said that they were a new organization looking to field a team and asked if we would be interested. Now I was definitely hesitant before as I have made mistakes about teams approaching me asking about my team and wanting to pick them up and I always have jumped the gun on them **Cough** *Cough* @ DoZe. Anyways I did what research I could on the organization the person approaching me asked all questions like who they were who he was what the organization was and what the plan ones and I got answers that I was looking for and which was when i got the offer.

"We are based in Moscow / Russia. There is also a bootcamp site in Kiev / Ukraine. Provide travel support and all conditions (salary , contracts)" - Smith 2/2/19

Now my mind went well then they must have resources and had told me that they did and that they would be fielding our team with a salary of $600-1000 dollars a month, and that there is a bootcamp in Kiev/Ukraine waiting for us provided that we make the Minor tournament in which we did.

The first warning sign was when they asked to lower the salary to 500 a month, in which I thought was not terrible its still a lot of money to have especially coming from getting nothing but prize winnings. This money was to be delivered on the 20th of February and was to be payed via paypal.

This did not happen on the day that was promised to us and it took so much time and all they could give us was 1000, between the 6 people that were promised pay. From 500 for each person to ~200 dollars. They were relying on that picking up our team was to get the team sponsors when they had said they had resources.

We had signed an agreement with myself representing the Team and Smith representing Team Odd. The agreement was as follows and this also includes the requirements that they wanted from our team per what was told of me by Smith(

In return we were to received the following:
"An initial starting for signing this document players (and manager) are to receive:
- $500 starting salary to be received within the month of February
- Help with LAN cafe payments for players that need it
- Social Media Presence on behalf of Team Odd
- Team Logos and Rebrand for in Game Dota 2.

And this was the initial signing in the lower part of our agreement it was written if we exceeded anything that was asked of us we were to recieve the following:

Bootcamp for all LANs in Kiev
- An Official contract written by Team Odd to be signed by all players and manager to be ----
- officially picked up and under contract by the organization
- And a re-evaluation of initial givens to the team

None of this happened. It is currently the month of march, yes a couple days after but this has been promised to us since we signed on the 2nd of February. I have been reassured numerous times that this would all be accomplished and yet still has any resolution as we were given 1000 and that is what I am told all we are receiving when we signed stuff.

I am just frustrated and there is so much more information to this that I have not said but I am emotional and my team is very frustrated, this is not the end of the story and the last time I am going to say something.


My team was not paid or given what they were promised even if things were signed and were lied to about resources when the biggest resource they had was after they signed us in GG.BET. We are no longer going to work with Team Odd and will be going back to Playmakers

If anyone has any questions or concerns please message me here on twitter or email me

We will be looking for an organization to represent in the upcoming rest of the season but I expect to be paid and given a contract straight up front instead of promised and lied to.

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