Elite Dangerous and Me.

So i'm guessing a lot of you have noticed i've not been playing Elite much lately, and i'm going to be honest, today’s announcement that there will be no major content until the end of 2020 isn't making me want to jump back in.

The truth is that everything with the Nova Imperium story line hurt me, and, following on from the year of lighter content that was beyond, all this combined feels like a kick in the teeth. I say that particularly because there is no transparency here, no telling us what's coming, no hints even. Simply a bland statement that we're now going to go at least 18 months (my bet is December 2020 release) with only minor updates to the game.

I'll be honest, i'm not sure when i'll be back to Elite at this point, it all feels very static and like our involvement stopped mattering a long time ago - the game's story, with which our interactions as a player base was one of the main reasons I played this game, is going where FDev want it, with no community involvement (understand I hold no umbrage at this - it is after all, FDev’s game, and their decision to make, I respect that entirely. However it was one of my favourite things about elite, and it’s gone now). Combine that with the fact the game will essentially stay the same over the next 18 months means that as a content creator, I have a decision to make, and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one in that particular boat.

I adore Elite, I adore the community attached to it and i’m lucky enough to have made genuine friends amongst the people that make it. Not playing Elite lately has hurt me on several levels, most notably that viewer figures on my channel are well down, and that has translated directly to my finances. But where once loading the game felt like opening a box of chocolates (to quote Forrest Gump) it now feels like i’m having the same meal i’ve had for years and years and years.

Maybe i’ve just played too much? I’ve seen most of what there is to see, i’ve done most of what there is to do - i’ve got over 3000 hours in game! Maybe a protracted break is what i need and this is the chance to do that.

I don’t know when i’ll be back in Elite, i’m pretty sure I will be. To those who haven’t been stopping by while we’ve been trying new stuff, I understand entirely - my channel has always been built around Elite and the fact that i’m staying away from it for the time being means you probably have little to no interest in what i’m doing and I get that! To those hanging about in this new stage of our journey, I appreciate it so much. Hopefully we can rebuild to where we were!

Sorry for the ramble, I needed to get this down somewhere. I’m going to go back to getting treasure in the Sea of Thieves and taking over the galaxy in Stellaris for the time being, but no doubt i’ll see you all in the stars in the future CMDRs!


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