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27th Feb 2019 from TwitLonger

In regards to leaving GiU.

After playing alongside the mighty Crude for over a year it saddened me to see him persevere through roster instability. But after long time teammate Rippy left the team for personal reasons it really made both Dino and I consider our options and future on GiU.

Ultimately Stig's team is where we have landed for the coming season of CL.

Choosing between PL and CL was hard but I firmly believe our new team will be back in PL and ready to compete against the very best. Since this also means I will be leaving PL with Dino this season I'd like to on behalf of everyone here at GiU apologise to the ESL team for all their hard work, and to the players who no longer get to play us, and to the CL teams whose spot we may have taken. Make no mistake playing PL is extremely fun, but having a solid roster of friends is personally more important.

Which brings me to Crude. This man has tirelessly worked to bring TB/GiU back togther many times and personally stuck by me through many toils in game and irl. Crude picked me up straight out of no where and turned me into a comp player. Not many people can claim to have done that. Saying goodbye is certainly something that hurt and I have no hard feelings towards Crude despite his disappointment toward this news.

I'd also like to thank teammates Jam, Northix, Joey, Striking, Rippy, Shak and Diesel for helping develop me as a player on Taboo/GiU.

Make no mistake, I am coming back to Proleague and I can't wait to shoot y'all in the face along the way (or nade you).

Stryder (and Dino).

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