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23rd Feb 2019 from TwitLonger

Orome will replace Vizicsacsi in game against Rogue

Orome will be replacing Vizicsacsi for Splyce's LEC game against Rogue on Saturday 23rd February.

Vizicsacsi has been suffering from a substantial illness this week, and his condition deteriorated on Thursday night. Despite these difficulties, Csacsi was fully aware of the critical importance of Splyce's game against Vitality in the fight for 2nd place in LEC and insisted on playing in order not to let his team mates down.

However, as a result of this additional exertion he is unfortunately not in condition to play today. We wish Vizicsacsi a speedy recovery, and hope he can be back in time to continue to help Splyce in the race for playoffs as the season draws to a close. Orome has been performing at a high level for Splyce Vipers in the Spanish regional leagues and we firmly believe that he will be able to put on a strong showing in his first LEC game.

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