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22nd Feb 2019 from TwitLonger

My current situation with ExG and COD

Welp I don’t even know where to begin after years of failing and never giving up and sacrificing everything in my life for a chance to earn my spot in the league I finally did it shot calling 5 SND maps wins in a row on Sunday finally wasn’t a failure and made my parents/family proud that have supported me through some very dark times then I get to the league and what i swear seemed like yesterday I was up 5-3 last map SND vs Eunited to start off my division 2-0 beating envy than them than literally a day later I get told by my team and org I’m being dropped for RobbieB who didn’t even place high enough him self at Vegas to make the PLQ then got on a PLQ team didn’t win a match with his team and is now getting handed everything that I earned including the money I’m supposed to be guaranteed so I feel as if all these years were for absolutely nothing I wouldn’t be as upset if I failed and and had to quit but I actually pulled it off and earned everything the hard way zero handouts to literally get it stolen from me it was extremely hard for me to even type this out as I had a mental breakdown and went into shock when I received the news and have been up for 40 hours or so hours now I have no idea what the future holds for me I can only hope for the best

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