@LimitlessIRL taking over drafts for official games

So I haven't announced it, but with the game of today my assistant coach will take over drafts on oofficial games. He's the better guy to do it as his overall knowledge is better and he can adapt if something doesn't go as planned. I am super happy actually to give him this oportunity as I really think he is the better one and he has shown that even if we had a lot prepared as coaching staff and it went acordingly to our plan, he smurfed on it. As a head coach my role is to actually enhance and manage the staff and get the best out of it and if that means not drafting myself, then I'm up to it. The trust bond that has been built in this last 2 months with my coaching staff made me do this decision. Whatever they fuck up I will take full responsibility and if they do a great job they deserve to get the praise. That's what my job as head coach is and I'm so hyped to have so good staff to help me to make this team good. Said that Thanks for @PhelanGaming for having me given so good guys

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