Major aftermath

Where to begin, I’m still in shock. I have soon been working in fnatic for 3 years, and this was the qualifier I was by far the most comfortable we would make. We practised a lot on our boot camp before the major, our team chemistry was best ever and everything was going very well. Our practise results were very good as well.

We had been on 3 tournaments before this major with our current roster;
- 3rd in Chicago (lost 1-2 vs the winner Astralis)
- 1st Abu Dhabi
- 3rd IBP Masters (lost 1-2 vs the winner Liquid)

So, what went wrong at the major? It’s still very early to say, but we had a good 3h team talk after the G2 game. I think we won 3/12 pistol rounds and lost all 3 rounds after we won the pistol. We should have qualified with 0/12 pistol rounds, but we clearly need to work to play from behind. I will keep what we discussed in that meeting, but one thing is clear, we all only have #1 as a goal despite this rough loss.

We will NOT do any changes in our line-up despite all rumours. We know that this roster has all the potential in the world to be #1 in the world and we will work day and night to achieve that. I'm 100% sure we can do that!

Our next completion will be WESG in China. Let's show the world what we are made of.

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