"We have an announcement on our current roster. After the lack of result and performance we showed in Katowice Minor due to some upset situations for the team and the limited time we had to prepare with the change in the roster and therefore in the game, as all of you know ngiN has step down from the roster. He has played a long time with this team and contributed a lot to the development during the past 3 years. We would like to thank him for all his efforts. We are a family and he will remain a part of this.

Today, we happily welcome Yaman ‘yam’ Ergenekon as a permanent member in the team, who has proven in Katowice how well he fits into the European CSGO scene and oriented himself very well in the team. We are very happy with this decision and already feel the positive effects on the team with his natural fit.

As all of our supporters are worried and questioning our continuation, I believe it is time to announce our new fresh blood and 5th player with whom we are practicing since ngiN step down. I must say I am very surprised about the energy he has brought to the team so far and the firepower he awakened in the players. It is no one else but the young rising talent in this scene Ömer 'imoRR' KarataƟ. We will be playing together in ESL Pro League and we are very excited to play together. Welcome to the team imoRR and thank you for accepting this challenge.

We are working very hard and practicing everyday to prove our value again and to continue to contribute to the improvement of the Turkish scene.

Since I know there are a lot of questions about our continuation and potential new organization, I feel the need to emphasize that of course the departure of XANTARES had an effect on the ongoing negotiations and discussions with interested parties. To be completely honest, some of them even withdraw offers right after the accouncement. However, we managed to catch up with some orgs and parties in different locations that are interested in our roster and believe in our potential. We have the upcoming Pro League to fight for our spot and we are fully focused to succeed. We hope that we will come with some more news very soon. Until then we want you to know that we will keep fighting."

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