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16th Feb 2019 from TwitLonger

@teamnos and future

First off I wanna say, that I'm very proud of what we achieved as a team and that I've had 4 incredible months with these guys. Every single one of these players/staff members are insanely dedicated to the game and it was an inspiration showing up for scrims and everybody being ready to improve and work hard. I consider all of my teammates/coaches to be my friends and hope that we will reunite some day in some way. <3

Teams in Contenders/OWL should really consider giving GGMentality and GizmoMCs a chance to prove themselves. They are not only really knowledgeable about the game, but they know exactly how to implement and word it to us players, so we can understand. I was always super confident in my coaches abilities to teach us and help us improve. Special shoutout to Lov3monkey for helping out some of our players and improving their skills alot, very underrated coach!

Every player on this team was actually nutty and every player had his moments. So many good memories and internal jokes. I'm sad I wont hear Eclipse ask: "What hero do I play here guys" every round anymore. Or the almost famous GGMentality quote at this point: "Play slow guys and stop throwing ffs". Also remembering every moment I heard the voice of an angel called Gizmo. Before every official "guys, you know what to do so just win"

I'm going to look back at this as the best time in my OW career until now, but for now I am not sure what's next for me. I'll be LFT trying to get the chance to prove myself in Contenders again, but considering the low amount of spots in EU atm and NA not willing to take a chance on EU talent it looks rough.
Anyway thank you everyone for following our dominant run through open all the way to Contenders Trials, it's been an insane run!
Ggs for now

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