The Revivial.

After some time we have tried multiple attempts to save the roster as we did not want to leave a season unfinished, with this in mind when we announced we would be departing the season we didn't like how it felt and the fact we let the community down, with this in mind we decided to rebuild our roster and at bare minimum finish this season out before departing.

We reached out to multiple people that have been on Faint Gaming in the past as well community members who support us, we finally reached our final roster for the end of this IM season.

The roster is as follows:
Scout: Ninjax
Scout: Megaboy
Roamer: Kryptonite
Pocket: Tambo
Demo: Ether
Medic: Pops

We wish the best to all the players and are glad they have decided to step up and keep the season going after the difficult start, we hope to see everyone in playoffs and counting on support the community as a whole, with this said after this season we will still be taking a break from TF2 NA as we still wish to revaluate what we want to continue to compete in.

- Faint Gaming Staff

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