My future in PUBG pt. 2

Greetings again everyone!

So... I have rather wonderful news...
Today 08/02/2019, 02:55 CET my permanent ban to PUBG was removed. (Screenshot of the notification I received)

The past week has been an emotional slump for me filled with impatience, fear and remorse. The same day I received the news about my ban though, I was also ensured by someone at PUBG Corporation that the case in question will be forwarded and double checked. Knowing this kept hope alive for the case to be resolved. Eventually my case ended up on the desk of the anti-cheat department, who decided to revoke the ban after a thorough investigation.

I'm unbelievably glad that this was the end result, but I want this to be a lesson not only to myself, but to everyone else as well. Even though my ban was removed, I was still moving in dangerous waters with the software I used. The "AutoHotkey" or "AHK" -software I used to fix my problem is categorized as scripting and should be treated as such. Even with good intentions it can have severe consequences and therefore I highly recommend anyone dealing with anti-cheats to think hard and twice before using it.

Finally, to my teammates, the organization and everyone who supported me during these few days: I can't thank you enough. Knowing that there are people who understand my pain in the situation and hope for the best outcome. It is exactly what I love the most about in this community and its members. I also want to thank the anti-cheat department for the quick fashion that they investigated this case in.

You will be seeing me back at hunting those chicken dinners soon enough!

Thank you again, Jere "JERPSi" Salmela

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