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8th Feb 2019 from TwitLonger

Departure from Trust.

So this is kind of a strange story so get yourself a nice cup of tea before reading this.

Yesterday I got dm'ed by a couple of LFT players that they were interested in trialing for our team, which is odd since I am the team captain and I was not aware of the fact that we are trialing new players. I replied that we are currently not looking for players but if we are then I am the one getting replaced (this was a joke reaction). So after asking in our team chat the team did not respond to me. I then messaged Leonski privately asking if this is true. He then responded with yes. Little did I know the team made the decision to Trial other players. Yesterday a player on our team said he could not make the scrim of that night and we called a day off. Finding out today that they were already scrimming with another player and they were also planning to scrim on Saturday with another trial.

The reason was that they wanted to see if they can play better with another fifth and they did not want to tell me because of the upcoming CL Playoffs. They want to play the CL playoffs with me if the other fifth is not good enough. Well hold up. I personally understand if you want to replace someone but I do NOT like the fact that you do not tell the player about it and start telling lies. If they came to me like hey yo we are trialing someone else because you're bad AF or any other reason (so I can work on it and try to be better in what way) then fine go ahead. But they did not. So from now on I will be retired and will not be playing for Trust Gaming anymore.

It was a nice run but to every story comes an end.

The story above are all actions by my former team mates/coach.
I do not blame Trust Gaming nor Team manger DennisR for this as they were completely unaware of this situation.

I do want to thank Trust for everything they have done for me and it was a pleasure to work with them <3.

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