Stepping down from BIGCLAN. What's next?

Stepping down from @BIGCLANgg wasn't an easy decision but it was one that was needed for them to achieve the success they deserve. I won't go into all the details behind everything but for the conditions that we had, I feel like we over preformed which makes me happy for all the fans who cheered for us none stop during all our runs at events! I'd like to thank everyone behind the scenes at BIG and all the sponsors for making my dream come true for the time that it did! At the start of 2017 my goal of was to end up being in a top 20 team by the end of 2018 and everybody laughed. I managed to do way more than that which makes me smile knowing how many people doubted me in the first place and this is also another reason why I'm comfortable with making this decision. Thank you to Tabsen & Gob especially, you was very hard on me but for all the right reasons, I can't say thank you enough for what you taught me during this time and I hope one day I can live up to my potential:) Oh and sorry Tabsen, you know why big boi ;) I'll leave it here so I don't start crying again

What to expect from me till then? Nothing.. Maybe you'll see my face being a troll in some FPL games but apart from that I'm going to just relax until after the major so I can see what teams might come available for myself. Again I can't thank you all enough who have supported me day in and day out during my time here. The German crowd is something I will never ever forget, I just hope someday I will play in front of you guys again!

I am open to all offers from EU/NA, but my main focus would be wanting to move to America full time so I can really work on my craft and have 0 distractions outside of the game.
If any team is interested in myself then feel free to contact myself here on twitter or Legija regarding any transfer details!

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