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23rd Jan 2019 from TwitLonger

Thought it was time for one of these, heres how hs affected me

Hey everyone who reads this, first off I want to say thank you. Taking the time to read words I type is already awesome, but after qualifying for champs I wanted to talk a little about my story and also thank everyone who's helped me get there.

For those of you who don't know I have an extremely rare bone disease that's hard to spell and nobody knows, but basically I've spent my entire life battling it and continue to do so every day. I've had 15 leg surgeries as well as 6 other surgical procedures in my life, so I've spent a lot of time not being able to do much of anything but lay in my room not being able to walk, specifically like right now I haven't been able to walk without pain for close to a year and its been very difficult. This whole concept of being "cooped up always" is one major reasons video games has been an essential part of my life. But above all other games hearthstone is obviously the one that has made my life so much better. There are so many different sides of hearthstone that have helped me in unique ways: First and probably the best part of the game has been making new friends that I get to talk to every day doing stupid noob stuff, acting like buffoons. and playing games with.

Having people to talk to without having to worry about how much pain walking around would cause, or worrying about if I can't do things that everyone else want to is a major reason I'm able to stay sane while not being able to walk for months at a time.You guys are fucken awesome and I'm happy to call you guys my friends. (Zalae, gallon, firebat, crane to name a few of many). So a special thank you to all of the people I talk to that I met in hearthstone for being such an important part of my life.

The second thing about I love about hearthstone, which I felt the most intensely after reading chat during my playoffs matches, is fans. You guys out there that spam we like ike in chat or any variation of kind words is something that I notice and use to motivate me to continue to play and hopefully make someones day better by saying stupid stuff or being helpful to learning the game. Motivation and drive is something, at times, that has been a struggle for me to achieve because of feeling like I have nothing to achieve but making it through the day on an endless cycle, so having you guys out there is awesome and helps me to continue to be motivated and happy playing and in my life.

Lastly, I want to shout out blizzard for making a fucken awesome game. One that I've obviously played so much. A particularly cool part of the game for me has been being able to keep my mind stimulated while being cooped up in a hospital or bed. Having access to something where all I need is my head and 1 finger dragging cards around is such great way to keep your mind busy whether it be from thinking dark thoughts or just being really bored. So thanks for making hs blizzard, but like no more deathknights please.

So if you haven't gotten the main point of this yet, that's fine. I'm sitting here typing how appreciative I am for everything that's happened to me dwelling from the world of hearthstone where otherwise I don't know how I'd be doing right now.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, ya'll are awesome craneW craneW. And I hope I can continue on this journey for as long as I can. Next step: Win champs

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