Unfortunately, the Polar Ace League of Legends program will be temporarily suspended. Our current roster will represent us for Midwest Esport's 20k Lan in Wichita, Kansas. On February 4th, 2019 they will no longer represent us. Coach Mike and his assistant Lucian also will no longer be staff at Polar Ace. Our current roster and coaching staff will be moving on to further their careers in esports and we wish them the best of luck. We have never held back players or staff from increasing their chances of playing, or coaching, League of Legends professionally. We encourage them to make moves that will advance their careers.
We want to thank our coaching staff, Mike and Lucien. They have been with Polar Ace through multiple roster changes and were able to consistently take the changes in stride, only returning with an even stronger roster. Their coaching and analysis remained as the rock that glued the program together throughout the seasons.

We also want to specifically thank everyone who played under the Polar Ace banner and helped us become the dynasty that we are in the Amateur League Scene!

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