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I originally met Dylan back at Otakon 2010 when I was a sophomore in high school. He was a dating a friend of a friend at the time and I immediately had a big gawky crush on him. I didn’t act on it but we stayed in touch via fb. Not talking daily but how you would with a con acquaintance.

Our flirty friendship started around the beginning of 2013 when he was finishing up college. We would chat almost daily about everything, including my worries about still being a virgin and having almost no dating experience. I was 19 through 21 for reference.

So that “Pittsburgh girl” from @minorians post is me. I was on his ‘veto from their open relationship’ list due to our previous flirtatious history. Regardless He had /repeatedly/ asked me for nudes despite telling him I wasn’t comfortable sending any. He would apologize and have me reassure him he wasn’t being a creep but would ask for nudes again anyway. He even sent me nudes unsolicited and asked regularly how his dick compared to others I’ve seen.

I was discovering my bisexuality around that time and mentioned that a close friend that also went to cons recently came out as bi. He mentioned how hot it would be if we hooked up. It made me super uncomfortable because I didn’t think of my friend in that way and definitely didn’t like the weird male gaze he put on us. Even thought I told him it made me uncomfortable he brought it up ~jokingly~ repeatedly.

Anytime he had any sort of issue with Marissa he’d come crying back to me, saying he’s “technically single now” and even offering to take me on trips with him to New York City, Orlando and Japan. Most commonly his issue was the truly ironic “she saw someone off our ‘veto’d from our open relationship’ list!!!” Of course he’d take it back shortly afterwards and I had to be ok with him dangling a potential relationship in my face once again.

I didn’t have my license at the time and only had a part time job. If I would mention liking anything or wanting to visit anywhere local as soon as he was back in town he treated me to them. He constantly bragged about his rich family, being guests on podcasts, networking his way into industry parties and his general ‘anitwitter’ clout. I genuinely thought he was cool and felt so lucky he wanted to treat /me/ to such gifts, trips and even potentially date me.

He bragged to me about all the great sex he was having, going on dates with other girls and even taking someone’s virginity. The only times he threatened to cut me off is when I would mention myself doing anything sexual with anyone other than him. I had to apologize about making him feel used and lesser than for him to even talk to me again.

My last straw with him was when I made a personal tumblr post about someone I started seeing, going well. He had been ok and even supportive of me dating other people before then but because it implied something sexual he went on a huge guilt ridden rant about being second fiddle to me and how he was /really/ going to break up with Marissa this time. I said I couldn’t trust him because he’d repeatedly made claims like that before only to take them back days later. He insisted he was in love with me and looking forward to dating once he moved back to Pittsburgh in August. I told him I needed to sleep on it to process my decision. The next day he sent a dramatic goodbye mentioning how toxic he was being, how this wasn’t good for either of us yet how upset he was that I couldn’t reciprocate his emotions.

He also lied saying he paid my sister back $80 for an Otakon badge but that’s the least of his crimes.

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