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20th Jan 2019 from TwitLonger


First of all ill write it in spanish and then ill write the same in english.

Como pocos sabreis Marc y Alex (ClayX) han decidido hacer equipo con GCR710, una decisión totalmente respetable y les deseo lo mejor en el futuro, ya que probablemente alguna presencial española la siga jugando con ellos. A lo que iba, eso quiere decir que estoy LFT, solo propuestas serias y a nivel europeo. Estoy disponible para la Gfinity, RLRS, Dreamhack, etc. Contactad conmigo via discord (Stake#8465), steam (StakeMBP) o twitter.

Like few of you know Marc and Alex (ClayX) have decided to make a team with GCR710, a totally respectful decision and i wish them the best for the future, since it is probably that i will keep playing spanish LANS with them. That means that I am LFT, only serious proposals and at a European level. I am available for the Gfinity, RLRS, Dreamhack, etc. Hit me up through discord (Stake#8465), steam (StakeMBP) or twitter.

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