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16th Jan 2019 from TwitLonger

Back in court today against the Human Rights Commission trying to reverse my verdict. Crazy listening to the Commission try to dissect a joke I wrote 10 years ago. It was a joke people. A tasteless joke yes, but a joke none the less. I am a stand-up comic. Suing me because of a joke I did in a theatrical performance is like giving Vin Diesel a ticket because he was speeding in The Fast & The Furious. It’s fucking stupid.

We should judge people for who they are, what they do, not what they portray. The Commission is trying to make me look like I hate the disabled. I have nothing but love and respect for people with disabilities. Google me, you’ll see what I’ve done to help the disabled. The money I’ve raised. I’m not a bad person.

If you want to see some bad people, google Camil Picard, former president of the Quebec Human Rights Commission who was fired after an article came out stating that Picard had paid off a child that he (allegedly) had sex with. Or google Mario Gauvin, a convicted pedophile who also used to work for the Quebec Human Rights Commission.

Those are some bad people, not me. I'm just a dude living his dream. Telling tasteless jokes, one at a time.

Comedy is not a crime.

(articles are in French, use google translate)



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