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16th Jan 2019 from TwitLonger

Stepping down from my position @ENCE

Rare tweet longer from me.

Today i announce that i will step down from the current ENCE rooster as their Coach and Analyst. The past 5 month were a great time and i will always keep these as great memories. I informed the Team already last week about my departure and there is no bad blood, burned bridges or hard feelings about it.

Sometimes in life there opens a door that is only open for a short period of time and will never open again. I decided to step into the door and take a new challenge that will push me to my limits and beyond. Im not out of PL and will learn soonTM where my new home is. Stay tuned!

For my former team, you are all great personalities, great players and great friends. And im still greatly thankful for giving me a chance to prove myself, especially @Willkey87 who is a great leader and whom i learned a lot from about coaching and approaching new challenges inside and outside the game. @ProtaX_R6 who is a great manager who was always there for me when i needed him. @shatte_r6 who is actually the living reincarnation of goofy, a really funny guy that enjoys himself and cheers up everyone when times are rough, a true friend. @BounssiR6S who appears to be a more quite person outside the game but once you get to know him you will understand that he is truly a great person and friend (and he has a good Netflix taste). @GomfiW a strong character and one of the most adaptive players i've ever got to know, not matter if you put him on entry or IGL Gomfi will find a way to deal with the situation and play at 110%. And last but not least the youngest member of the ENCE R6 family, the super power player @SlebbeeN one of the most talented players i've ever saw, you will see in the future what he is really capable off. Keep pushing it Slebben and you will achieve your goals.

Thank you <3

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