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15th Jan 2019 from TwitLonger

Leaving SYF gaming & ending competitive prospects

Hello dear friends

After an evaluation of my current circumstances I've decided to leave the Starcraft 2 division of SYF gaming and stop playing competitively. SYF have been nothing but supportive over my 2 and a half year tenure here and my decision to leave is of my own accord.

As I enter my final year at university, I've lacked both the time and competitive drive to keep up with the full time and dedicated part time players within the region. I instead want to prioritize my final year of study and my personal health. I've had some wonderful memories with the ANZ scene so I still hope to be around, but it will likely be less than before.

Thank you to my amazing team mates and manager Insano who have always been supportive and are my best friends. MKR and Kohn are both very wonderful people who I have had pleasure of meeting in Brisbane and Sean (Pxlse) does much more work behind the scenes than he gets credit for.
Also have to thank TurtleBeach for being an incredible sponsor and for their support too ❤

And finally thank you to my Twitter friends who have improved my quality of life, whether it be from SC2 or another game like CS:GO. I hope I can stay in touch as much as possible because you're all pretty cool homies in my book. 😃 thanks for reading muh boring twitlonger

- Chase

PS: Seither sucks

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