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15th Jan 2019 from TwitLonger

Azwel 1.11 patch. Fan translation by DiscoJ .update1

BB (nerf)
The move was hitting side-stepping opponents so its hitbox is being adjusted.

AAA/8WR A+B (nerf)
An effect will be added to indicate when the lethal hit conditions have been met.
On occasions where the move hit in a way that can't lead into the lethal, the LH conditions were still being reset. This is being fixed.
The forward movement after coming into contact with the opponent will be reduced.
The blowback on the SC version is being reduced

B6 (buff)
The tech-crouch (high crush) will start earlier
The hit effect on normal and counter is being changed, follow-ups will be possible. Combo-scaling will be added.
Less recovery frames.
RE effect being changed to 'small'

B4 (buff and nerf)
Less recovery frames
Lower attack level

4A+B (buff)
Attack speed improved by 2 frames.
Base damage increase, combo scaling added.
Hit effect on counter being changed, follow-ups will be possible in-line with your current mode.

2A+B (buff)
Hit effect changed and increased hit stun on counter.
Changed to a horizontal, will be able to run counter side-steppers.

44B (buff and nerf)
Increased recovery frames
Post-LH teleport will put you closer to the enemy, meaning more stability in follow-ups.
Additional combo scaling.
44B's post-LH warp will have additional recovery frames. 44[B]'s frames won't change.

BBB/66A+B (nerf)
Increased recovery frames on whiff.
Changed the level of the 2nd-4th hits to 'weak', and reduced the guard gauge damage.
Tech-jump timing has been slowed down (i.e. the low crush will start on a later frame).
Block stun is being reduced (will remain the same in SC)

WS A (buff)
Increased hit box size to deal with unintended whiffs at close range.

WS BB (buff)
The first hit will stun on counter, and the second will launch high.
The second part will come out faster.

BoB B (buff)
Self-ringouts should no longer be possible.
The upper and lower bounds of the hitbox have been increased to reduce the risk of unintended whiffs at close range

A+B (buff/nerf)
[All modes]
-After the impact frame, Azwel's mode will reset to 'Nothing'.
-Hit effect is being changed, follow-ups will be possible.
-Recovery frames are being reduced, so it'll be improved on-block (doesn't say 'plus', just 'improved') - Almighty not included.
-Shield and Almighty mode's GIs are being changed to mids-only (currently all)
[Sword mode]
-Impact frames improved by 8 frames.
-Will do more guard gauge damage
-Lengthened the active frames of the aGI.
-Reduced block stun. Relative frames-on-block will be the same as in 1.1.0.
-Base damage lowered, but the hit effect on downed opponents will be changed, meaning follow-ups will be possible.

B.A/33A/66A/99A (nerf)
Base damage is being reduced.
B.A's GI will be harmonized with 66A's (i.e. it's a projectile, so Azwel will not get knocked back when it is deflected).
In 1.1.0 66A was mistakenly set to being able to guard crush. Its level will be changed to 'weak' and guard crushes will not be possible anymore.

Distance at which the attack throw will activate is being shortened.
Move level being changed to 'medium' - no more guard crushes.

6AA -
first hit does more block stun and stuns on counterhit
second swing will lead to a different reaction on hit (doesn't say what) and the hitbox size has been increased to harmonize recovery

AA Less pushback on hit for the 1st part, plus frames for Azwel if the second part hits
22B Fixing the whiffs
6BA - less blockstun
Less damage
And changing the hit reaction on airborne opponents
6BB - less guard damage but less risk of self-ringouts
RE - It'll be faster in sword and almighty. And less reduction of the guard gauge
CE - Will put you in sword mode
SC 8A+B:
The hit effect will be changed and no follow ups possible.
Damage is getting reduced
Costs more soul gauge
RE effect is being changed to 'small'
less pushback, less blockstun

Mode changes -
The mode change will occur on a move's impact frame rather than on its startup. So if a move gets stuffed before reaching the impact frame, it will not count as a mode change.
Weapon arts are an exception to this. Same as now, the mode change (to null) occurs on the move's startup.
For the stance transitions (4/6/5K), the mode change timing will occur just before the stance-attack comes out (doesn't clearly specify start-up vs. impact, but I'm assuming start-up).
Some issue with dual-button inputs after stance transitions is also being addressed.

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