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15th Jan 2019 from TwitLonger

Tira Patch 1.11 translation attempt. Hopefully I'm close!

Blurb summary: The patch focused on mood change issues and her being a technical character but a bit easier to use, especially in JS which is balanced to be low damage but long range.

GS 4A+K training mode bug removed.

Mood changes: Can now change from JS to GS when hit with a break attack at 30% and 5% life. Will not change when taking chip damage from a break attack at the life boundaries. (Could be wrong on this one.)

GS WR A+B+K removed.

GS 6AB, GS BBB, GS 6B: Faster startup and tracking up-close.

SC GS 6A+G: Made easier to perform.

GS movement speed increased.

JS 66B, JS 22B, JS 66A+B, GM A: Hitbox sizes and tracking increased.

GS 3AA, GS 3AA+B, SC GS 3AA+B: New reaction on CH. Second hit's hitbox increased upward and downward.

WR BK, GS WR K: Adjusted hitbox and increased input window for UD followups. Increased tracking for WR BK version.

JS 66B, JS 66A+B, GS 6B: Will now lethal hit properly after an intiated GI.

GS 66K: Will no longer transition into attack throw if opponent is outside of the ring.

JUMP B: Increased tracking when avoiding low attacks. Will now perform attack throw on airborne opponents.

GM B: Will now be powered-up by GM KK as indicated in the movelist.

JS 44A+BAA: Post-KO meter gain fixed.

Reversal Edge: JS RE is faster. Increased hitbox for both moods.

JS AAA: Less negative on block, increased hitbox, faster startup.

GS AA: Second hit's hitbox increased downward and is less likely to whiff after first hit connects at tip range.

JS 6AA: First hit decreased recovery, less negative on block, and new CH reaction. Second hit less negative on block and now plus on hit.

JS 6AB: Second hit speed increased to beat out RE, less recovery, and better frames on block and hit.

JS 4A, JS 44BA: Hitbox increased upward.

JS 6BB: First hit less recovery, less negative on block, new reaction on CH, and hitbox increased downward. Second hit is now NCC and KND is the same distance on NH and CH.

JS 6BK: Second hit can no longer be crouched on hit, recovery decreased, less negative on block, hitbox increased downward.

JS 1B: Changed hit reaction when done at a distance. Hitstun increased by 4 frames (-4 on hit up from -8). Increased downward hitbox to better hit downed opponents.

JS 1K: Faster startup and increased hitbox. More plus on tip-range hit.

4K: Hitbox increased forward and downward. JS 4K specifically: Increased advancement of hitbox when opponent is downed to stabilize the combo after JS 1K.

JS 66AA: Both hits safer on block. First hit more plus on hit and causes STN on CH. Second attack delayed by 2 frames for hit consistency.

SC JS 66AAA: Second and third hits' hitboxes and tracking increased, new reaction on air hit, can not be air controlled. Now truly NCC.

SC GS 6ABB, SC GS BBBB, SC GS 6BB: Reduced mood change chance.

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