As y’all can see, a lot of stuff has gone down. C9 has parted ways, and I want to thank them for the opportunities they gave me and for truly being an amazing org inside an out.

Reciprocity coming into the scene is also a great thing. They may not be as “known” as C9, but given the chance they’ll do great things within this scene.

You guys can also see by the video of the tweet that I am no longer part of the R6 team. With that comes a lot of questions, and there’s no way I’d be able to answer all of them. I wish no ill will on any of the players, no matter the ending we had. I know it came as quite a surprise, it was for me as well trust me LOL

The next question is, am I playing for another team. I will not be in the next PL season unfortunately, but will be playing with eGang in the next CL season to “qualify AGAIN” for pro league. If I did it once I can do it twice right.

It’s been like 45 minutes and my phone is going off like crazy and I’m trying to get stuff settled as I just got done driving the 26 hours back home. I’m trying to keep up with everybody but y’all are nuts. I appreciate the support that I’ve been getting, it’s kind of overwhelming. I hope you guys can carry the support over to the CL season and show us some love there. ❤️

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