Punishment in Matchmaking

Dear Dota 2 Community,

I've writing to you guys today to address an issue that has been ongoing for quite some time. I remember the patch where Valve introduced 6 month bans to players who griefs games. I was elated and excited to play matchmaking. It took some time, and a hell lot of ruined games, but eventually the people who constantly threw on purpose would get banned.

Today, these same griefers have mastered the art not getting 6 month banned. They'll run down mid, go to low priority after a whole lot of reports. This is where it gets funny, these griefers in high tier MM ENJOY being in low priority. Since they're usually rank 1-1000 Immortal, these Single-Draft low priority games are like smurfing for them, where they invite a couple of gals and guys and have a fun time smashing noobs since they're playing against players way below their skill level. Then once they get out of LP they go about their usual schedule of ruining games when they see someone they don't like or god forbid someone took their lane. They also learnt to play around how many games they can grief, creating smurfs while their mains have a downtime on how many games they griefed, so they won't get 6 months banned.

The current report system and low priority is in my opinion a failed system that does not deter players from ruining games. I'm not even talking about being toxic, or yelling, or stealing lanes and farm, this is literally about players who just run down mid/destroy items/purposely making your team lose. I would report these players, and then get them again in my next game, or my game tomorrow.

I've played 40 games combined in the last week since I returned from my vacation with friends and family and I'm utterly disappointed that in 2019 I'm still facing this issue where some games I just have to accept my -25. Usually I wouldn't care, but my New Year's resolution is to hit Rank 1 to give me and my team a confidence boost.

Also to all the professional players out there, please don't run down mid, or destroy items, even if the game is over. This sets a bad example to your fans who will follow in your steps. I really hope this message reaches out to everyone, and that we can come together as a community and make this amazing game Valve created even better by weeding out the toxicity, and welcoming new players.


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