I've decided to walk off the "2019" project. I have to say I was really into this project and I felt it was the only chance to get something good out of 2018 coming into this year but I made the decision it's time for something else.


I don't want to do stuff for 60% or 95%. I want to give it all and I am extremely committed and as professional as I can be. Without pointing fingers I know that it wasn't the common mindset in this team (it doesn't apply to everyone ofcourse) therefore that is not a place for me. I would like to thank you for all the time we played together and wish everyone success! The special place in my heart is with Kevin ofcourse, he always shared this hunger of playing, praccticing and winning with me and I hope we are going to build something together sooner or later.

What's next?

I am up to play some test games, discuss some possibilities, stand-in both offline and online for some team as a tryout or just to help short-time. As stated above I will give 100% into any possibility. During all those years I played every role except AWP, I am kinda flexible and I will match whatever is needed, if I don't know how to do something but it's needed I will learn it. Basically I can do whatever is needed in order to win and I'm pretty sure everyone who played with me could agree on that part!

I have some offers on the line at the moment in PL/EU/NA even but obviously but I would like to explore before taking anything further. Thanks for attention and see you around!

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