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4th Jan 2019 from TwitLonger

Leaving Vireo

As of today I have resigned from my position as Chief Operations Officer of Vireo. There's a lot of things that have lead up to this decision but the biggest of which is our investors fully pulling out last week. We were in the best shape ever and had so much promise as an org but decisions before I joined (mainly who our investors were) really lead up to this. Our investors weren't used to esports and they especially weren't used to the slow returns/growth of a startup like ours. I would get bits and pieces of how bad it was from Colin but he'd always try and assure me and Carter that everything was alright. But it wasn't.

The league of legends roster and myself had planned to go to Dreamhack Montreal in February and had already booked our Airbnb. I have been planning this event since November and have been asking repeatedly if this event was doable and was always given a yes. The League team had won $2500 USD and $700 Canadian from two LANs that I urged Colin to use for this funding to make it easier on us. He decided to use it for the CS:GO teams LAN in December (which they won almost $0 for the org split) and told me he'd make sure we got it back. We never did. This was the biggest slap in the face out of anything in the Org. The League division I built from nothing and turned into a top 8 team. We won a LAN and placed 2nd +5th at another and were the top-earning team in the entire org! Yet the money we earned got used for that event. I'm beyond frustrated with this plus so many other things that happened in the organization.

The League team consisting of 5mi, kind jungle, dziarmaga, cuo, wispe, and the staff of Jay, pinka, popi, reilly, and myself are already in talks with orgs to be picked up with and we will keep going in player1. We aren't done not even close.

Some farewells,

To Colin: You're a smart kid man, you just really need to figure yourself out before jumping in as you did. I know you have tremendous pressure on you and have a lot of health issues you need to really focus on you especially now.

To Carter: You're honestly one of my best friends and I can't imagine I would have survived Dreamhack without you. Wherever I end up you can bet my ass I'll be vying for a spot for you 100%. Focus on your photography and your mental health and you'll go far.

To the CSGO boys: Your drive and passion for the game are amazing and you guys are honestly going to make proleague by next year. Keep up your focus and grind hard you all will make it. The players you have are full of potential use your drive to keep going.

To Cake, Willby, and Protagify: You guys are what I love about the FGC. Rivals was a newer game for me and to see so much talent from Cake, knowledge from Willby, and pure love of the game from protagify really made me fall in love with it. I will always cheer you guys on and be a fan of yours.

To iMPALER and the battalion roster: You guys showed what true competitive spirit is. You dealt with hell during that Major and the patience you showed to me will always stay with me.

To Airi, Caehlin, and Shu: Thank you for pouring your heart and souls into the growth of Vireo on the branding and social media side. You all have so much potential and will go big so soon I know it.

Thank you for everyone who's supported vireo, played for vireo, or worked for Vireo. See you all soon.

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