FA - Disband of Aquila

unfortunately we´ve decided to disband the team for multiple reasons.

Feels realy bad since we´ve stuck together for about 10 months and we know each other even longer so I in personal count those boys to my friends. We had a lot of awesome moments together.

Nevertheless everything comes to an end, but I wish everyone only the best.

Now i´m FA and open for offers. I´m highly motivated and got lots of experience in different roles. In case I´ll find a team that fits for me i´ll continue to play R6 competitively. If not, i´ll step back from competitive and mainly stream my ranked´n´tilts.

Don´t understand this wrong. As I said i´m highly motivated and I´m sacrificing everything for my team. But i´m doing this for 3 years now and I don´t want to start from the beginning again.

-Available for scrims min. 5x a week
-5x LAN (Mostly nationals & Milan Games Week 2018 (Team Prismatic)
-competitive exp since Y1S1
-Former PS4 Player - switched to PC in Aug. 2017
-Can play nearly every role (was mainly Anchor/Flex in the past)
-Can talk english or german, but only played in german teams in the past. (have to talk english a lot at work xD)
-Played for DEUS, Team Prismatic

DM me if u r interested.

Thx 4 Reading :P

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