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31st Dec 2018 from TwitLonger

My 2018 in Bpro...

In the beginning of 2018 we started by winning ESL SEEC. We played in a few small events with mixed results, played a few open qualifiers and managed to qualify for the closed qualifier of Dream hack Marseille but we didn’t do any damage there. I still spent countless hours with the team to help our game while working a full-time job to support myself.
Blocker to windigo
Windigo benched @SPELLANCSGO who was their IGL and were looking to replace him with Blocker who was IGL-ing for Bpro. I`ve always encouraged the players to develop in any way possible even if that means to leave the team. An agreement was reached between the orgs and soon after blocker was sold to Windigo.
Moving forward
We took raftu and had poiz IGL-ing for a few matches. This proved too big of strain for him (he couldn’t focus on his own game) and we decided that we need a dedicated IGL, so we benched Vnko and got Niki1 back in to the team. We soon found out raftu’s playstyle is not compatible with the rest of the team. Some of the players and management wanted to try Spyleader as IGL in raftu’s place. Initially Poiz and I were against this decision. We did decide to give him a chance after all. Spyleader joined, but Redstar’s contract expired, and he decided that he should focus on his studies in preparation for university. We got Rocking to replace Redstar and soon after both him and Spyleader joined the team, we managed to surprise everyone and won a few online events and reached the finals of others. It seems that everyone was cheering for us at this point and a lot of players took note of the team.
Poiz to windigo
Meanwhile things were not going well for windigo who were still recovering from the benching of their IGL - Spellan. Some of their players were not happy with Punisher for a while and they approached Poiz to bring him into the team. The goal was to avoid being rock bottom in the ESL Pro league in their first season. Meanwhile Punisher was doing his job in his given role. They approached Poiz directly and offered him money to pay himself out of his contract. The deal was that he would be using some of his future salary in Windigo to pay himself out of the contract with Bpro in the span of 12 months. The Bpro CEO didn’t accept the arrangement and thought that the current Bpro lineup is pretty good and there is no need to make changes. Windigo came up with another offer with low price for Poiz and the Bpro CEO again didn’t approve the transfer because windigo didn’t want to pay the price for Poiz. Poiz said that he will not play for Bpro if the transfer to windigo is not approved. At this point our CEO and the team decided that it’s best to bench him until this is resolved. We played a few matches with NK4Y and still won. At this point Poiz decided this situation is not in his best interest and said that he is terminating his contact and that he will be joining windigo regardless. It was a good opportunity for him to play in the Pro league and i was happy for him. The move however destroyed the Bpro lineup chemistry. It was demotivating for the other players because they regarded him as a friend.
Left without one of the core players the team morale took a nose dive. We decided to try BRN considering his experience in MK. After ESL SEEC Spyleader decided that he will not continue with the team moving forward. After Spyleader left the core of the team decided to continue playing without BRN as well.
Into 2019...
We decided to trial @nk4yCSGO who is an old player from Bpro 2016 and @dennyslaww who is an upcoming Bulgarian talent.

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