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29th Dec 2018 from TwitLonger

NaToSaphiX - The future as a Professional CS:GO Player

After 10 months in Sprout, I'm looking for a new opportunity to prove myself. I've gotten some questions recently about what I'm looking for in my next team and instead of typing it out to each individual, I've decided to make a twitlonger instead.

TL;DR - I am ready to play as an AWP'er, as I've done in Sprout, as a Rifle player or as an IGL.
I am considering offers from every region of the world, and I'm ready to relocate to NA/?? if the right opportunity presents itself.

In the earlier stages of my career, I've acted as an IGL, rifle player and, most recently, an AWP player.

In terms of roles, I'm open to playing whatever it takes to find the right team for me.
I was always a pretty balanced AWP player, playing rifles often, especially on the T side of many maps.
If offered, I would not be afraid to act as an IGL but since I have not played this particular role for over a year now, it would likely be necessary to have a tactical/analytical coach, who would be able to give me feedback for the first few months to ensure a quick and steady improvement.

I would prefer to keep living in Denmark but I'm not afraid of moving to another country or region.

The key traits I'm looking for in my next team is potential, great chemistry, good attitudes and ambitions from both the organisation and the players.
I want a team that sets a goal and works towards it.
I understand things take time and I'm not afraid of building something from the ground up, so if any organisations are looking to put together a completely new squad, I'd also be ready to work with that.

What you can expect from me:
- A hard-working player with an ambition to become the best team in the World.
- A player with a good mindset, who has been working with 2 different mental coaches in the past year and a half and continues to do so
- A player who doesn't give up, even in the face of adversary.
- A person who thinks having a good environment on TeamSpeak can be as important as practice and does whatever he can to bring his positive energy to the team.
- A guy who is used to working with sponsors, being on camera and doing interviews with a good social media backing (75K Twitch, 150K YouTube, 11K on old Twitter which is currently locked but will be opened again soon)

I will be considering ALL offers and will make a decision when I feel I've found the right team for me.

If any teams are interested, you can either contact me through Twitter (my DMs are now open) or my agent Dennis Vang from People in Sports (@VNGCSGO)

Thank you for reading and have a fantastic day :)

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