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26th Dec 2018 from TwitLonger

Interview with Coach RUI from Chengdu Hunters

Q: compared to your experience at the Shanghai Dragons, what’s different about coaching for Chengdu?
A: I didn’t have time to get to know the players at Shanghai. Now I have around two months of preparation time, so I can know the players better and I can design strats that work to their strengths.

Q: some have voiced their concerns regarding the strength of Chengdu’s roster. Would you like to make a response?
A: people have those concerns because our players haven’t proven themselves in big tournaments yet, and are relatively inexperienced. I gave them some mentoring and told them not to be afraid of other players.

Q: some say that OWL players are under a lot of stress. Do you agree?
A: yes, the OWL is very intense, many players’ mentality were more or less affected by that. And they had to return to China to take a break and adjust themselves.

Q: the esports culture in the West is very different from Korea. Which style do you prefer?
A: the Korean style is a better fit for Chinese players, who are less self-disciplined. That’s why we adopt strict management practices. NA players have a very flexible practice schedule, but they work very efficiently. Even though they have a short practice time, they try to make the best use of it.

Q: fans are worried about your neck pain. Is it getting better?
A: thanks for asking. The org arranged regular massage sessions for me. I go swimming during my off time, and it’s gotten a lot better. There will be similar arrangements when we arrive in the US.

Q: what is your goal for the new season and what are the biggest challenges?
A: my goal is to secure our first win. The biggest challenge is that a few players have not received proper coaching and training during their professional career, and they have a lot to catch up on. We are working on this together and I’m trying my best to help. In terms of communication and execution, there’s still room for improvement.

Q: what superpower do you want to have?
A: superpower? I’d pick invisibility. It’s fun to be out there when no one can see you.

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