About leaving HellRaisers

Last 6-7 month I was not happy working with the team. We had more negative than positive emotions out of practice process and losses as a result of bad practices. I wanted to make changes to fix it, but my hands were tied. We started to have different visions of how things should work and when decisions had to be made, we had only talks and slight fixes not to hurt anyone. This is not a way the team should work and I decided to leave, when on a same moment team decided to move on without me.
On this moment it will be better for both me and HellRaisers.

HellRaisers was not an easy place to work at, with a roster changes, visa issues and looking for stand-ins and other inner issues, having ups and downs we brought team to a decent level and stayed there for a long time. I had a lot of passion and tried really hard most of the time, because the clan tag is really close to me. Most of people does not know that HellRaisers clan tag have origin in my hometown Dnipro. It was a clan of players who competed in Quake, Unreal and StarCraft back in 1997. Later they had a CS team which was one of best in Ukraine at some point. I always wanted to be part of HR. When I joined them as captain, i brought CS 1.6 squad to international level in 2008-2009. And later when I became a part of HellRaisers CS:GO I had extra motivation to work harder. My goal was to bring the team as higher as possible. It was not just working in some club, it was something more. So in some ways it feels sad to leave.

But I’m an optimist and see other options on how to reach my goals in CS:GO.

I want to wish growth and success to HellRaisers team and all people in the organisation. Thank you for a time we spent together, it was a big and important part of my life.

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