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25th Dec 2018 from TwitLonger

Q&A from @Guangzhou Charge Fan-Meet

Q: as we all know, GZCharge built an international roster. So do you have communication problems and how can you guys solve them?
A: our players are good at English and they're also having English lessons now. So it is not a problem.

Q: what are the goals of GZCharge for season 2?
A: we just hope all the players work together to achieve a good result next season.

To Chara: I heard that you wanted to be a model before, so what made you decide to become a pro?
A: I’ve wanted to be a pro player since I was a child. I played LOL at that time but it was so hard to be a LOL pro. All of my friends recommended me to be a model. Then OW got released so I naturally became an Overwatch pro.
To Chara: so could you tell us how tall are you?
Chara: 186cm

To Kyb: since you are from UK, we all surprised that you chose a Chinese team. We wanna know why you chose GZCharge.
Kyb: I like the staff, players and the parent company of GZCharge.

To Rio: it’s clear you got other offers, so why did you chose GZCharge?
Rio: Because GZCharge built the roster based on Meta Bellum. I believed my teammates can do well in the league so I joined them.

To Nero and Rise: both of you are only 17, and will turn 18 in a few months. Do your parents support you guys to be a pro player at such a young age?
Rise: well, they didn’t agree at first but I persuaded them later.
Nero: they are very supportive of me.

To Nero: you are from California, and you had the chance to join a local OWL team. So why did you join an oversea team?
Nero: I like the environment, the players and the coaches here.

To Hotba: you used to play for Philadelphia Fusion and made it to OWL final in season 1. How did it feel when you played in front of 20, 000 fans in Barclays Center?
Hotba: lots of audiences were there for me. I feel good.

To Happy: Rio, Rise, Chara and you all are taking English lessons. Do you think it’s helpful?
Happy: In fact I learned it more from Nero but he was not a good teacher. Instead, I taught Nero Korean better.

To Onlywish: are you ready to be eaten like food?
Onlywish: yes I know I will die when they are hungry. (Here is a Chinese meme that Cantonese can eat everything, especially people from the Fujian Province. Eileen and Onlywish are from Guangzhou and Fujian respectively. )

To Nero: who is your favorite, Hotba or Chara?
Nero: Happy.

To Happy: Nero said he loves you best. What do you think of that?
Happy: I don’t like it, he’s just a kiddo.

To Onlywish and Eileen: what will you say to your old teammate Guxue if you play against him next season?
Eileen: you are so gonna die.
Onlywish: You can do it, I can too.

To Kyb: have you encountered any cultural conflicts? If so, how could you resolve them?
Kyb: there are indeed many differences but I’m getting used to it. I love all my teammates, especially Chara. I believe I can resolve the conflicts if I encounter.

To Chara: do you love Kyb?
Chara: ofc I love him.

To Nero: what are your goals for next 3 years? And will you go back to NA teams in the future?
Nero: I haven’t thought that far, I just wanna play in OWL. No, I love Korean teams.

To Eileen: do you guys speak English or Korean in scrims?
Eileen: mostly English but sometimes we start to speak Korean unconsciously.

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