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23rd Dec 2018 from TwitLonger

As the result of my leaving, I'm looking for a new team

My name is Simon 'Rider' S. and I am 19y old. I've been playing Siege since beta and collected a total of more than 2,000 hours playtime. Teams I have previously played for are FuryGaming (which has dissolved), WeSports and PlayingDucks. I haven't played on any offline events, however i took part in the Six Lounge Series #6 (the biggest german tournament) with WeSports.

I am able to play every operator with only a few exceptions. In my last team I played as entry Fragger but I might be better as a supporter. Unfortunately, my skills are not in IGL, however based on my game experiences, I'm able to support the IGL and give feedback to my team post match. I always look to improve my skills, so any feedback or criticisms are always welcomed. I always trust my team mates and respond to any in game calls. I work hard for my team and eSports is of the highest priority, after my professional career.

So I am searching for a team with the same values:
- Hard working
- eSport as the highest priority
- The will to achieve
- Ambition and dedication
- The skills to play in CL or to reach CL in the next few seasons
- German or English speaking teams

Contact me via:
Twitter: Rider_R6S with DM,
Uplay: Rider_DUCKS,
Discord: Rider_R6S #5937

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