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21st Dec 2018 from TwitLonger

Thank you Brazil, FALLEN, Fer, and Coldzera ♥️

What a year it has been! Many still question why I chose the path that I had this past year, but it’ll remain a mystery for many as i’ve willingly moved on. I've said before that my decision to join the Brazilians would either be the best choice of my career or a mistake -- however, I've learned that it is neither a regret or my peak, but just a stop along the way. I saw changes in style of play, but also changes in myself; this year was complete with ups and downs, and I'm so proud to end 2018 having learned and experienced as much as I have. Over all else, I'm excited to take on a new chapter and enter 2019 with a few extra notches on my belt.

I’d like to thank the Brazilian core & Ricardo (Dead) for providing an amazing opportunity for me -- I am so grateful for the time you've given me. I feel that playing with these guys has made me more of a complete and versatile player. Nonetheless, I was aware coming into this that if we lacked camaraderie and didn't mesh well, that we'd be expected to split up. I see now that it's not an easy task molding backgrounds, histories, and personalities together.

I’m disappointed to see this journey come to an end because I don't feel that we received a sufficient amount of time to truly reach our potential. We had some hurdles we fought through, as it is expected that every individual on an International lineup need that extra time find their composure, synergy, and flow. However, it seems like we weren’t able to power through the psychological challenge we had. And despite the recent month of confidence and some convincing results, it's no secret that we still have our problems. I believe these guys have a championship mindset but they have won so much that they have forgotten how to lose. I wish we’ve received some more time after ending the year with decent results and tackling all the problems together instead of running away from it. I’m aware of what I signed up for and will be moving on with no hard feelings.

As MiBR goes on to flesh out a Brazilian roster, I’m happy to have spent this year with the organization and to have been introduced to a different lifestyle, perspective, and approach to the game. I’ve learned an incredible amount that I am so thankful for. With these five guys, I have grown and matured not only as a player, but also into the man I will continue to become. I will leave this team with my head held high knowing that I showed them -- and the world -- what I’m capable of. I wish nothing but the best for this great group of guys.

Would like to shoutout our social media guy, Nuno. One of the best homies and down to earth people I've had the pleasure of meeting in this community. I'm glad to have you as a friend then, now, and moving forward.

I'd like to thank Camila and Ricardo for making my time here so smooth and treating me as if I were blood. Just a blink of an eye and nine months went by. We’ve developed a great relationship and I know that I wouldn’t have survived this period of my life without you guys! I can't express my gratitude and love for you two ♥️

Thanks to all the fans -- new and old -- who supported me through this challenging year. Brazil, I hope you continue to stand by me and watch me grow; the amount of love I've received from you has exceeded all expectations (Brasil, espero que continuem me apoiando e me vendo crescer; o carinho que recebi de vocês superou todas as minhas expetativas). Time to flip the page and get back to wearing a blue and white jersey on my back, but this time with Team Liquid. It’s about time I raised that American flag again 🇺🇸


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