Goodbye OPL

I will not be coaching in OPL in the upcoming 2019.

I was happy to see all my teammates got to play on teams that look forward to play in 2019 but at the same time sad that I am left alone again.

I have been trying to searching for teams aboard but my application seems to be overlooked by someone more known in the scene. It has been hard for me in the last few weeks during free agent period finding a team.

I realised that all my achievements in OPL has been a self experience not really a big feat elsewhere.

I have been lucky enough to be contacted by my agent that I have been offered to join a Korean Challengers team to be their Head Coach.

so in 2019 I will be coaching in korea team called ES Sharks and i will use all my knowledge and experiences i have learned in OPL and start anew in korean scene.

I will be looking at OPL myself and hoping see some growth in some players and teams.

Special shoutouts to:

Tim Wendel - I dont know where I would have been If you didnt pick me up back in 2016. Thank you for trusting me as a coach and as a friend.

Brandon Nguyen - We had our share of good and sad time but im glad we overcame ourselves in 2018 and have a good 2019.

Jules and Daniel - Looking forward to your growth. even im not there to coach you i will be watchin you! had tons of fun and experiences in 2018 with you guys.

Mimic - 열락 자주하자, 동생들 챙겨주고 힘든일있으면 말해.

FBI and Eyla - two youngsters i wanted to coach personally, looking forward to your growth personally.

I will come to Sydney time to time, hopefully I can meet up with friends in the future..

Cheer for me and my team in 2019!

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