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15th Dec 2018 from TwitLonger

The kick.

Seeing lots of people being quite surprised by the kick I will try giving some insights on what happened. Purpose of this tweet is not to point fingers or to create drama, it is just simply clarifying things to public and how it all went down.

It all started sometime before KL major during our bootcamp there. Somewhere in the middle of it I got quite sick and wasn't performing as well as usual in scrims what led to us losing most of our remaining games to EG and Fnatic. Quickly team atmosphere became hostile and people started pointing fingers which led to Forev asking me something like "can u not be sick!?" Everyone remains silent, I collect my things and go back to our Airbnb(after major March approached me and apologized for making me a scapegoat and not doing anything about it, although it was obvious i was in very poor health condition). I do not play any more pubs after that, just scrims and resting. Fast forward we play the major and get top12 and seeing public being so surprised by the kick my guess is I haven't played that bad).
Cq major qual went well and everyone was happy maybe too happy cause we didn't scrim almost at all after it what eventually led to us losing the Esl qual to coL. But whatever we still have major to play and that is what really matters or do I?
I come back home for long waiting rest, day after arrival I get my P1 visa. So from that angle kick came as shock since we performed well and everything was going ok, but my past experience told me that if there was something going to be change I was the first and easiest to be blamed.
March called me a morning before kick was announced and told me how the reason is team lacks leadership and it is not about my skill or whatever and that it was either me or forev and he basically said u know i wont choose u over forev. He did not mention himself as option as obviously that would mean demon goes away. Demon, march and forev have been friends for over a decade and playing with fear is somewhat Marchs pro career dream so imo this decision was product based of emotions. I was always against teams within teams and its just matter of time it ruins the whole thing. That is more, less all that led to this moment. Although I do not obviously agree with decision that makes me miss a major I earned to play, I respect the decision of the players and management.

Compensation wise I was told I'll be paid remaining salary for the December and 1/6 part of CQ Major winning (this is not confirmed, just what March told me during morning call)

As of what are my plans for future I will be looking for a new team I can commit in, dms are open.

Last but not least I'm very grateful for the love and support community is giving me and that is the reason I'm writing this. It means a whole lot <3

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