Officially retiring

As you may have read in the tittle, this is a goodbye tweet and i just want to make this as short and conclusive as possible.

Last night was my last official game playing with VAULT and possibly playing competitively, it's sad for me that it didn't end the way i wanted to. Keeping the MDL spot for the team was one of my last goals as a player. We fought for it since open at S22(open) all the way to MDL with sadly all the possible disadvantages and it was one of my dreams to someday get to be a pro player in this game no matter what. I just want to say that it was a good run for me and i enjoyed every single second since it all started. I've always been a man of a few words but i really, really want to thank the great people that i've met thanks to this game. Really, thanks to every single one that has ever supported me in any way, you are all part of the dream that i still have alive and want to acomplish someday in the future, who knows.

But mainly i want to thank my good old dood spamzzy1, he's with the one it all started and probably the one i owe the most on this team because of that, things don't end here with me and you know it, we all know the potential you have and i'm pretty sure you will get the best out of it, don't give up yet, you know i woulnd't if i hadn't to.

Also of course want to thank the rest of my whole squad, sickly, cruzn, lanhero, malones2m.
I have different words to each one of you but it all concludes on a squad with the same goal, with the same ambittion and dedication for it, i want to thank you guys for helping me grow not only as a player but as a person. Thanks for everything.

My captain sickLy, i really admire you, you just keep grinding your dream like nobody else out there, you deserve to accomplish it the most out of everyone out there, no matter how. You teached me to pursue my dreams on a weird way with tons of dedication and toxicity like nobody else, thank you for that.

Cruz you literally saved our asses, you were the guy we were looking for a long time ago since we didn't have a 5th to play ESEA Advanced, i hope you still keep playing and make a live out of this game someday, just like we all ever wanted to. I want to apology with you if i ever had a bad attitude or something like that towards you, this game somedays made me wanted to kms.

I literally just met lanhero 3 matches before ending this season, but i might say the short time i've met you, you've surprised me on how calm you are and how you don't tilt just like we usually do on each other. Thank you for helping us this season in such a short advice man.

For last but not least my peruvian coach Post Malones2m, i really can't believe there's someone as dedicated to this role and to this game as he is, such a great person and also an excelent 6:30 am breakfast teammate, i'm pretty sure you will get this squad to the stars someday, loveyou llamita.

Also want to thank Tyler "canyouevenlift" Katz, you have always been part of the squad for me, you literally wanted to pay for my food in a foreign country, man i miss you, comeback so we can play open lmao. Best IM Coach/Caster ever.

Also, for those wondering in my future i'm gonna go back to my university career and focus mainly on it, i have played video games since i was 4 years old so i don't think it's something that i'm gonna leave completely. I really wanted to make this short but this has been a big part of my life the last couple of years and I really didn't wanted to miss something or someone. Thank you for whoever made it to here, ur da beast.

My best regards,
Santiago "Daveys" Galvis.

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