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3rd Dec 2018 from TwitLonger

Couple things about the major

A few weeks ago, Starladder invited me to the major but I have made the decision to decline the invitation. I'd like to thank them for extending the invitation and apologize for pulling out. A few reasons why-

I appreciate the gesture Grant is making and want to stand by my friend. I agree wholeheartedly with his sentiment that people should be given the chance to recover from their mistakes. I don't believe there should be any blow-back for what is a strong, principled stand.
I don't believe that player's actions and words in pubs should affect their eligibility for attending the DPC circuit. I believe the penalties, loss of sponsors, and booing at events is punishment enough. On top of that, there is no precedent for this sort of punishment and I highly disagree with a local city government getting involved.

If there was a set of rules, being suspended from an event would not be an unreasonable punishment. Unreasonable punishment is being banned for life from China events or missing this year's TI and the threat of that alone is where I draw the line.

That being said, I am not in full support of Kuku.

First of all, Kuku is not a child. He's a 22 year old man who said something stupid and racist in what could be described as an attempt to be funny. He then tried to cover it up, making things even worse. Everyone makes mistakes, and I'm intimately aware with saying stupid shit in pubs out of anger/frustration or trying to be funny. You still have to own your shit like a man and if missing an event because of that is the result, so be it.

Being a player or talent is an incredibly unique, and in some cases, lucrative opportunity. As such, they are ambassadors for the sport and should be held to a higher standard. It may feel unfair at times, but it's one of the many trade-off for such a lofty position. This is something that every player and talent has to learn, sometimes through fuckups and harsh corrections. I just hope that Kuku is allowed to show that he's learned that as well.

It is my hope that the community will not pressure other talent to follow Grants lead. Every person has their own thoughts on this controversy and their own way of operating.

P.S. Blitz declined as well because "I'm a ride or die bitch"

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