@Oregonian #Censor Oregonian, why are you censoring the defense of myself

As of 4:09pm on Sunday the 2nd of December, the Oregonian has censored this comment. Just trying to defend myself.


In the week of May 25th of this year, Lawanda Mayfield, Amanda Yeung Collucci, Bill Fawell, Donte Stallworth, and Trevor Bauer were all attacked in the news because they questioned 9/11 (no, I do not agree with everything everyone said). Attacking those who dare to question 9/11 has been what MOST news organizations have done over the years.

You know Molly, I've done my absolute best to try and be supportive of the 9/11 Families seeking truth, accountability and justice, in a court of law. Many of the families have KSA in the courts as we speak. There may be a grand jury held re: the buildings (it is widely known that the buildings were never my thing, but that was kind of where most of the people died that day, yes? That was a crime scene, yes? MANY people and family members questioned how those buildings came down in the months and years that followed).

My advocacy for the 9/11 First Responders that are sick and dying is WELL DOCUMENTED. I held the very first fund-raiser for the 9/11 First Responders to my knowledge.

My advocacy to stop the 9/11 Wars, and the National Security State is WELL DOCUMENTED.

These are all good things in my mind. And yet, you tried to use me in an effort to try and paint Jennifer in a bad light. I just wanted you to know.

End Comment

Here is a picture of the comment I left on their site.

This was my first comment. I also sent it to the reporter's email to make sure she saw it. I also sent it to the Editor as my "Letter To The Editor" with a simple introduction in the beginning. It was in response to this article which someone pointed out to me:


Molly Young, the phrase "Conspiracy Theorist" has been used endlessly over the years in order to discredit people or to silence dissent. So, that is an extremely low blow. By definition, something like 9/11 was a "conspiracy." You either agree with the Government's version of that "conspiracy" or you don't. I do not. Neither should you. Maybe if you took the time to look into it a little (doesn't take very long, watch the documentaries 9/11: Press For Truth or In Their Own Words: The Untold Stories Of The 9/11 Families).

In what world does it make sense not to seek truth, accountability and justice for the murder of 2,977+ people, especially considering we were lied to about that day, and especially considering what that day has been used for?

In what world does it make sense to attack and/or slander those seeking truth, accountability and justice for the murder of 2,977+ people, especially considering we were lied to about that day, and especially considering what that day has been used for?

In fact, my email address is Gold9472@comcast.net If you would like to have a correspondence concerning the 9/11 attacks, I would be happy to oblige. My only request is that the correspondence be made public for everyone to see.

As for Jennifer, I don't agree with everything she says but who does agree with everything someone has to say? People are entitled to their beliefs. If a person's beliefs are skewed, use information to help someone with their beliefs, don't try to take away someone's job because of them.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Jon Gold - Human Being trying to right many wrongs, as opposed to "skeptic of 9/11."

NOTE: I have not spoken to Jennifer in years. She is even probably unaware of my accident.

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