My future

Hello everyone!

This off season has been very long ride for me, and I've been thinking a lot about whats next for me in the future. Ultimately, I've come to a lot of important conclusions.
First and foremost: I've decided to retire as a full-time professional player, and start a new journey at university starting this summer.

Over the last couple of months, i realized that i haven't been enjoying playing/grinding league of legends as much as i used to, and my strong fighting spirit and motivation that kept me going 12 hrs a day is slowly fading away.
I feel burnt out, and i feel like i pushed myself as hard as i was possibly willing to, and in the end of the day it wasn't enough to compete with the very best. My journey was filled with lots of ups and downs, however, i have no regrets pursuing this dream and career. I learned a lot about myself, my strengths and my limitations and i had a lot of fun and great experiences traveling around the world with my different teams.
As for now, I'm planning to pursue other careers. I don't quite know which subject that i will study yet, but I'm confident it'll be something that i enjoy.

Secondly: I am not done with league of legends as a whole. I still play the game casually and watch a lot of competitive games, since i fundamentally still enjoy watching and playing the game from time to time.
In the future, i might potentially search jobs in other positions in the scene (analyst/coach etc.), but we'll see how things turn out. The truth is that i had the most enjoyment playing and competing while i had it as a hobby next to school playing for casual hours, and i want to return to this structure.

Lastly i want to say thank you to all my previous teammates, staff and other individuals I've been working and talking with over the last couple of years. it has truly been a pleasure competing and working with you, and I've learned a lot about of useful things about life altogether.

I might be done as a player, but I'm not done with esports itself, and i am looking forward to continue seeing the scene grow!

Have fun on the rift. I'll be back with updates in the future!
Best wishes and thank you for everything!

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