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27th Nov 2018 from TwitLonger

my situation

as most of you have seen i'm currently benched on our roster

when the changes were first brought up, we wanted to do -relyks -ace and +FNS +Cooper at the same time. FNS had no prior team/contract or anything at the time so it was really easy to get him signed and onto the team instantly, and as most of you know this was not the same with Cooper.

we knew we needed FNS ASAP as our team wasn't functioning properly, so our team and the organization made that happen very quickly. We had 2 events (IEM Chicago / DH Atlanta), the end of our EPL/ECS season, and a couple online qualifiers. Cooper only would have been able to start playing with us at IEM, missing almost all of the other stuff, along with having no practice with him. Some people wanted Cooper to start playing with us the second he was able to, and some people wanted to wait and use the practice we had with skyler to give us the best chance at these events. But the final consensus was to continue to use skyler. once the decision to wait to put cooper into the team was made, we were all told we are "on trial" until November 20th, which is the day Cooper would start playing with us. Basically the team would choose the 5 they think would make the best roster.

in my head it was obvious that FNS can't leave as he's an integral piece and we just signed him, moose is literally a god, and dapr has a lot of potential it wouldn't really make sense to cut him. i'd assume everyone on the team knew it was either me or skyler.

so we played out the next couple weeks with some decent results in ECS/EPL, but doing poorly at both the LAN events outside of beating Navi in a best of 1. the conversation of who would be replaced never really happened with skyler or i. Our last games with that roster were at DH Atlanta, where we had a bad showing. i personally played below average but everyone outside of moose played pretty bad that event.

The travel day home from DH Atlanta was basically our day of deciding what the roster is, i'm brought into a call with our manager and coach and they inform me that the team decided they want to give skyler the chance to play most of my roles and see how it worked. They told me i would be benched for about a month while Skyler is trialed. there's almost no matches outside of the minor qualifier within the next 4-5 weeks, which would be fairly easy regardless of who was getting replaced. So i guess it'll be judged off scrims mostly. I'm not holding my breathe for my spot honestly, as there's not going to be many results to warrant another change. but best believe I'm gonna play more cs than i ever have in my entire life.

I felt blindsided by this honestly, knowing the impact i have in my role. Throughout the entirety of the "everyone's on trial" period i felt i played well and had impact in a lot of the wins we had over teams ranked higher than us, but maybe that's the bitterness in me talking. When the team as a whole makes a decision you have to respect that, and i do. I have nothing but love for every player on our team, and everyone in our organization. eUnited is the best org i've been a part of and they've done nothing but support me and my teammates. within the next 3-4 weeks the ACTUAL final eUnited roster for the upcoming seasons will be finalized. Whether it has me on it or not, i'm coming back stronger and better than ever... <3

c u in FPL

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