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26th Nov 2018 from TwitLonger

G2 Bench statement: ENGLISH VERSION

I don’t want to write a cock and bull story and say that I understand the decision that had to be made. No waffling, I need to be perfectly clear and honest to move on.

I was extremely disappointed by the choices made and the choices I was offered. Even though we quickly questioned our efficiency as a team (regarding our very first practice games that were awful), I still didn’t feel in the hot seat. First of all because we clearly lack firepower (which took us time, confidence away from us and limited our team) and secondly because I was feeling good individually and in my calls in game. Especially in the last two months, which leaves me regrets for some tournaments but which was encouraging for the future.

I was 100% confident for the future. As a leader, I always have the need to take my time to build what I expect for my teams and after 5 or 6 months (usually when there is a timing or a change), I made a global observation and I gave once again a new direction for the team, more precise and coherent and this this is when everything took on its full meaning … I honestly feel that it could have been a whole different thing with a single roster move. Recruiting me to let me establish my plan and then taking this away from me at this very timing and in this context, I think it’s incoherent.

To be completely transparent, I was given the choice to stay instead of bodyy while giving up the leadership to shox who felt like he could take it over (the final decision didn't come from him, I precise). I was also given the choice to switch my CT positions to welcome better and make it easier to Lucky and Jackz at their own main positions. Despite being surprised by these two choices I could have still stayed in the roster while giving away the lead to Richard (btw, I’m not afraid to take my responsibilities as a player and I could still have used this to keep improving leadership wise by observing). In the end, it didn’t feel like the right decision to me. I couldn’t picture myself taking over Alex’s (bodyy) positions. It would have been a risky move for the whole team in case I wasn’t able to overcome those two challenges and completely unfair to Bodyy because these positions, he does play them well. Except for personnal profit, I didn’t see any logic in this move while putting things into perspective. And if you don’t believe in something, you won’t find the motivation to make it work.

I still learnt many things, every experience is enriching and this one might have been the most rewarding one for me and just for that I have to be thankful to the opportunity that I was given in a first place.
I’d like to thank my 4 team mates, the staff and G2 Esports. Opinions differ but my respect remains.

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