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26th Nov 2018 from TwitLonger


I joined the G2 esports organization in February 2016, I was a player for a year and then transitioned to a coaching position. After thirteen months as a coach i decided to play again in June of this year. It was not something I had expected after ending my player career and it was not an easy decision.‬

‪I was driven by an urge to compete again and convinced this lineup had a future. Good team atmosphere has always been important to me, and I had the chance to play with four players I consider as friends. The role I had was different from what I was used to during the end of my career. It turned out to be too big of a task for me to catch up skill wise, on top of learning those new positions. Much to my disappointment it never really clicked for me and I can’t say I enjoyed the time i spent playing again.‬

‪The goals we had with this lineup were not reached and something had to be done. Part of the solution is to send me on the bench. I think it’s a fair move and agree with the team’s decision. I hope everything they are putting in place at the moment will bear fruits and I wish them the best of luck.‬

‪I’m therefore taking a break from competitive CS:GO and will now reflect on the past months. I’m allowing myself some time to figure out how to stay involved in the esport scene. ‬

‪What’s next for me in the upcoming weeks ? I will first compete at the ESL pro league in Odense early December. It will be my last tournament as part of this roster and I intend to give my best.‬
‪The main news for you guys is that I will start streaming more frequently. It is something I briefly started doing this year and I truly enjoyed it. ‬

‪I intend to start tomorrow so come hang out at !‬

‪Much love les noobs‬


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