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25th Nov 2018 from TwitLonger

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New Beginnings

To our current situation, this post is here to say thank you for the players of our ex CSGO line-up who helped Team Skyfire get back up on its feet after a 4 month hiatus, we are truly thankful for the guys who did an amazing job on not only playing the game that they love but more playing under an org that they loved also. As we all understand we are sorry that you guys disbanded, that line-up had a lot of potential as we saw from your performance in all platforms of competitive play, but sadly not everything works out, all of us here at Team Skyfire wish you the best of luck with the future that is ahead of you!

Now looking towards Team Skyfire’s future, We are pleased to announce our new CS:GO lineup, which involves three out of the five of the EX Exsto Gaming Roster! Welcome to the Skyfire Family boys! Make sure to follow them!

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