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24th Nov 2018 from TwitLonger

Leaving Aerowolf~

It has been surreal for me, from picking this game out of interest casually,grinding hours everyday to playing competitive and qualifying for the first Invitationals. Never have i expected to play in any eSports again after joining the army in Singapore, much less being able to meet so many wonderful people from around the world.

However, with all the problems occurring within the team over the past seasons, my experience with the team has just worsened and I simply do not enjoy the game anymore. My game play has been stagnating and I have certainly lost the passion i once had to improve and strive for the best with my team as a player. This has certainly shown in my performance in recent LAN events as well. As such, it was in my best interest and the team's that I will no longer be a part of them. I will not be involved in any further roster changes that might occur in the team.

Moving on, I am currently still looking to play competitively with another roster. But having done strats and most map drafting in my current team, alongside being fluent in both Chinese and English, I am also interested with the idea of venturing into a coach/analyst role should the opportunity arises.

I would like to thank Aerowolf for the opportunity and all the help they have given us throughout the past season. Also thanks to my current teammates and all the best to them, especially @array_r6, despite being the newest member of the team and not being fluent in English, has become the player that I have been the closest with the past season.

Thanks for reading the wall of text and for all the support that me and my team has received thus far!

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