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19th Nov 2018 from TwitLonger

TL:DR - I am retiring from professional OW (for now) maybe I will return in the future if things change. Thanks for your support, hope to see you all again one day!

Effective immediately I will be taking a break from professional OW for an indefinite amount of time. To the people who have supported me this far: I'm sorry. I wanted to do more. I know I can do more, but unfortunately, my mental fortitude is wavering. Every single day was a new struggle and I honestly couldn't handle it any longer. I wish I could say that I spread myself too thin by going to college and playing professionally at the same time for most of my career, but I honestly don't think that was my issue. I need to take time and reflect on what I truly want in my life and what it will take to make those dreams a reality. I simply could not find a way to do this while going to class all day and scrimming all night.

If this truly is the end for me in esports, I want to thank everyone who has made this dream possible for me. Want to give a special shoutout to the rise crew for allowing me to get this far: retzi, phaz, desro,locke, spirit, justin, kahreem, rodger. Also wanna shoutout people that have helped me along the way, some of you probably don't even know what you did but without each of you this would have been posted way earlier: moopey, jcb, bosco, nagga, mohr, and all the staff members from other teams who have taken a chance on me. I'm sorry I wasn't able to bring back the results you wanted.

As for what's next, I honestly don't know, I dont want this to be the end of my esports career. Part of me is still hoping that t2 and Overwatch as a whole gets better and I can come back into the scene remotivated and revitalized and become the player I've dreamed of becoming, but if things continue along the current path, I honestly don't see that happening. I might try my hand in some other games, maybe Rainbow 6 siege or Fortnite, or maybe I will try playing a different role in Overwatch. I haven't decided. For the short-term, I am almost a senior in college now, so whatever I end up doing I will continue working towards my degree and see where life takes me from there.

Well that's that, thanks for the support! Wishing all of you still on the grind the best of luck!

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